BattleDawn Academy (Adopt-A-Newb Centre)


I am new to BD…
Any general advice?


Name:Lokesh Mohanty
Language preferred: English
Discord: ineffable97
skype: gopal1197
Extra info: i never lasted till tick 800. Either I won or I lost.
Current worlds playing: e2 ,e3, f3
Experience/Years played: i used to play this 8 years ago but never played after tick 500 so i have no experince in wars.
Preferred mentor (optional): none


Can I get a mentor ?

Preferred mentor - Kaen


Name: (In Game) Captain Keyes
Language preferred: English
Timezone: Eastern Time USA
Discord (optional but highly recommended): AgentFred
Skype (in case you don’t have Discord):
Experience/Years played: basically zero
Extra info (optional): Just need some help figuring stuff out


What world have you planted on? :slight_smile:


Mars, 1 tick/hr. of course I"ll be moving when I actually really get going :smiley:


I’ll see if any mentors are planted there :smile:


Just started a base on Mars, 2 ticks/hr, same name (Captain Keyes). Definitely need a mentor there more than Mars 1! thanks! :slight_smile:


add my skype, raph.jazz


My computer doesn’t do Skype D: I am on the BD discord though, username AgentFred.


Maybe not where you did :slight_smile:


I don’t play anymore.


Name: Vivek Sharma
Language preferred: English
Timezone: GMT (UTC+00:00)
Discord (optional but highly recommended): HellFire #4163
Skype (in case you don’t have Discord):
Experience/Years played: 2 years
Extra info (optional): Need specific help in reaching the top 5 players and able to win the game


Hey @Vicky_Sharma, Nice to see you’ve already joined the discord. Currently checking to see who is free to mentor you. For the time being feel free to introduce yourself in the discord and ask any questions you have there.


there’s a discord???


There’s a BDA discord, yeah

The link is in the first post


New player need a mentor, currently in m1 IGN new player


Have put a message in the discord for you. :slight_smile:


Name- Shubham
Language- English
Timzone- GMT + 5.30
Skype- Frozenshade
Extra info- Everyone thinks Im a noob so…
Current worlds- E2
Current igns- Frozenshade
Experience- 1 year
Preferred mentor- Any


Because you are one? :thinking: