Battle Wait Times are Unbearable

I recently started playing 2v2 after spending about a month building up my second mech, and now it takes me at least 10 mins on average to find a battle which is often against players of a much lower rank (I’ve been paired with rank 5s more than once as a rank 1). something really needs to be done about this before we reach an irreverable downward spiral where people stop playing because they cant find battles and then it takes even longer and so even more stop playing untill the whole damn thing goes tits up.

you wouldn’t want to let the whole damn thing go tits up would you? @Sarah247 @Mohadib

just for chuckles I’ve decided to make a poll, they’re always a hoot.

How would you rate your experience of waiting to be matched for a battle in the Arena?

  • Very Satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neither Satisfied Nor Unsatisfied
  • Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied

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There are a few top player that play in 2vs2. When you don’t find a player of your rank you will get low ranked players. The thing that should be fixed is not this but the wait time

My friend… dont even venture in the 3v3… the waiting time gets doubled atleast.
And in the 3v3 realm… in rank 1 even in 2… there are the same 10-12 oppnents.
My advice stay in 1v1 and have fun.
It will be a while till we will have the good old fun of the legacy 3v3.

for 2vs2 ami it takes me 10 minutes and only 2 times it takes me 10 seconds

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La verdad es desesperante que tarde tanto, real 4 horas haces unas 20 wins XD!

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there is, “neither satisfied nor unsatisfied.”

don’t tell me you’re all butthurt and cross hon?

hehehe… sure why not?

This topic is very important if you do not know what to say you can go to another side :wink:

Many people who are in rank 5 do not have more than 1 mech, that is why they take too long to find

It is not necessary because there are people who have two mech in rank 7 to 5 and they are completely also to people that with the legendary ones to create another mech for a duel 2vs2 an example is I have 3 functional mech

It does take time to find a match but sometimes it’s quick.

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ahi tenes tu actualizacion

no bue, el update no fue tan malo, lo malo fueron los llorones cagaron el vs lo único funcionaba bien XD!