Battle Types In PvP

Would be great to be able to select a mech category to battle. Like vs Energy, Heat, Physical. And have leagues for each type. Bit much to ask maybe, but anyways…

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It sounds good, but the game would need a much bigger playerbase, as it is already hard to find matches as it is. Also, I feel like fighting against and learning how to counter other types is what makes the game fun


Very great idea :exclamation:

Also they should bring back mech category battles about Rare / Epic / Legandary / Mythical categary :exclamation:

BUT guess what, tacticsoft self “destroyed” / deleted this, we had something very simular (items had levels) 3 years back :exclamation:

The long long waiting times for battles (special in 2v2 and 3v3) is made by tacticsoft with …

  • the changed ranking system

  • a lot of changes, which made the playerbase a lot smaller

… we had weeks with +10,000 wins (!) / clan :exclamation: