Battle Training Que


Que up a platoon of your friends or Que up solo !
Speedy matchs ! 1 hour timer
Random generated SMALL map,
no fog of war,
extremely fast ticks,
nuetral buildings to capture silos, ion cannons,
use spys to destroy the other teams.
Sharpen your edge on the battle field !
No resource’s Required ! Que up today !

  • Que = 12 teams
  • platoon = 3 players, have friends ready to join or leave open for any player to join, once you are all ready Que random match and get ready.
  • Team cap = ?
    *Timer = 1 hour, timer runs out before a winner then a Draw is declared.
  • Loss = all units are killed
  • Win = Last man standing / reward ? you become a strong player, this is training after all :).
  • Army size = predetermined army.
  • Training Room Stats = to help balance Qued battles by evening out high and low tier players.


Again, this just isn’t an addition to BattleDawn, in my opinion, it’s a whole other game.


It would fit in the mini game page as a mini game ? its a really fast arena death match, there is nothing new added here at all. plus it helps you train vital skills for BD. it might just be wonderful for new players and fun for old players.

Although it might make more sense to have it in the world selection screen ?


its good and all but someone can just run off with 8 different spams all around the world
so change the loss to maybe 90% of army killed


Everyone will try to survive no doubt that is the goal, but with limited buildings to land on, team spawn colonies, all those silos/nukes, ion cannon, ops it would be very difficult to pull off, i dont think it will be problem. Also dont forget the Army is PreDetermined so who even says you will get spams :wink:

The timer is key though, i say 1 hour but devs or whomever might decide it is only workable 2 or 3 or maybe 12 hours, or maybe we can have 15/30 minute matchs idk but it will have to run the same principles the reg world is run on I imagine, except for having a preDetermined army and no resources and forced team spawn, its just must faster ! Not sure how that will work, 1,2,3 tick worlds run fine but what if its 60 ticks per hour ? how else could BD do it if not for ticks ? all i know is it would have to be fast but manageable. so the timer is the key part !

I think to have survivors scampering around the map. and some poor chap firing his nukes,spys and ion cannons trying to pull a win before the timer counts down sounds good to me though :joy: !

The Swarms ! that would be a good tactic to try out though since oil wouldnt be a factor, on your spawn colony you might be able to break all your squads down to single units and just swarm with your team. kind of like starcraft ? that would be interesting to try. we are talking crazy madness now


so making the tick what is considered EOT for people with bad internet
also i like ur idea just its a rlly big update much like a different game mode and will have to wait for other essential updates to be done first and maybe modify this a bit and link it to @Alexander


Aside from the fact that this would be fun for all, it would train the mass’s and new players on how to actually fight in big battles, skirmishs, formations etc. with any luck we would see the existing paradigm of BD shift to a more competitive playstyle and with any luck more supporters to the game. how about old BD players that are no longer around and pop in to find they can play a quick training que ? maybe we can pull some back to the game.

As far as this being modified or tweaked i leave that to the community and the staff because i have no idea what would need to be done, this is just a general idea on my part, i tried to make it were it was basically the same as any other world accept it is short fast and sweet.

Now i am not sure if we can do different instance’s/Ques , with 12 colonies in each que depending on the team cap it would be roughly 120 players each instance, would we just run the que back to back with only 1 instance ? fine with me but what if the pop grows to thousands of players wanting in ?.. several instance’s ? could that be done ? or would be handled by making training que 1 2 3 4 5 like the worlds are handled currently ?


I made a suggestion kinda like this before. One of the biggest issues that came up was that the servers couldn’t handle such a fast tick speed. We’d basically be playing RTS style, but there would still be a need for every instance to require a reload. Which means, you’d basically be stuck refreshing and unable to actually move (and more so, the server would most likely just simply crash). Also, this makes admining EXTREMELY hard. Good luck catching and undoing any cheating. By the time an admin caught on, it’d be much too late to rectify. And god forbid the admin had to take a piss at any point :joy:

I like the idea, would be a great and fun event, but unfortunately, I don’t think the game is capable of performing it the way it is currently set up (and recoding the game for a single event is not viable).


Thats ok its the thought that counts


how about it being a 12 ticker and a 2-4 hour event