Battle simulator, automatically include enemy forces


Now I know we have all sent a spam to an op and had to manually input those numbers switching between tabs and just generally being a nuiscance. So what if there was a button on the battle report to open up a simulator with the enemy units counts already in there? Would make simulating a lot easier. Of course this is just me being lazy, but hey im sure it would be a nice feature. [poll type=multiple min=1 max=5 public=true]

  • Great idea
  • Terrible idea
  • Stop being lazy
  • Faker is God
  • Notice me Senpai


Kinda already been suggested


Yeah but that was suggested by kaen so clearly isnt as good as mine


You’re are gay mate!


On Kaen’s post he is talking about each army having an “id”. Here I guess, he is talking about once we get a BR with a spam there is the option “Battle Simulator” in the BR, when we click on it we still have to put the enemy units manually. Why doesn’t it get the enemy units automatically? Lazy system? Or it’s mean we wanna keep lazy? Well… we need to think about it.

And ofc, we still are waiting for a improvement on BR’s system :slight_smile: Lazy ppl


This is exactly what im talking about


I get why people want some of these changes, but (as you acknowledged) to me they just smack of laziness. Yes it’s an inconvenience to have to manually sim things, but it’s part of the fighting spirit of the game and if these arguments for further simplification gained traction with the wider community, I’d worry that players would just become even lazier and unwilling to actually have to do anything than just sit and press the boost button. We should be promoting anything that requires knowledge of game mechanics and skill, not the opposite. Also nice grammar @Zealot