Battle Sim Improvement


Hey guys i got a sweet hip new idea for our battle sim.

Look at our current battle sim.

Our current Battle sim is missing some options that i regularly come across during battle.

What i am suggesting is something like this:

Here you can see the HP buttons on the left, this will all be rearranged and resized of course. each side attackers and defenders will have the same buttons.

Below the unit cards you can see 2 buttons for R4 and R5 for each unit card. There in each button you can adjust how many R4 or R5 units they have and also have room for non xp troops.

What if the army that they have are not just R5 but have some R4?

Think of it like a card. on the front is units without XP and on the back of the card it is units with XP upgrades. The battle sim could also be enlarged to accommodate this.

Alternatively we can have little boxes below the R4 and R5 for that

Questions? PM me :slight_smile:

Like the idea ? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Yes, I love this idea!
  • No, we dont need this

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easiest + most demanded request
it would be very easier to sim the battle
but i think R4 and R5 shouldnt be included
let calculation brains and attacks be better
otherwise everyone will know result and no one will bother to attack a losing battle


Creating a battle sim is not as easy as it sounds… trust me, I’ve been trying for the last several weeks to just plan the making of it but to include XP and different HP values makes it quite complicated.


I know this is not an easy thing to do but, this suggestion could be worked on in a span of several updates. Like nafto said this is a frequently requested feature


Isnt Fluff still making 1?


He’s not at the moment.