Battle results and compensation improvements

It reveals the damage and health left.
The more health the higher your compensation.

If your opponent leaves, then you gain no stars but gain 10 of their tokens for using the quit feature which doubled by 20 for you.

Players have been using the quit feature even though the public battle terms were accepted which is unacceptable and should result dept.

Now getting your target’s HP down as much as you can will now matter matter.
50% of their earnings are lost if your opponent has 0 tokens.

what if the opponent has 0 tokens? Will they go negative tokens? what a TEAR-ible idea.

that was a cringy pun end me please

I could BEAR-ly stand that pun. I bet I could MECH better puns that that.

50% of their earnings are lost.

well what will happen if you have slow connection you know it automatically leave the battle

As I’ve said before, you can just refresh the page.

Along with 50% of brain cellis, which will be sucked up by a USB-attached special Brain Cell Sucker…

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