Battle Reports In Eras!


Post some of the biggest BR’s you have!

Here are just a few :smiley: To start the post going!


i guess this is ok



That army haha fammm


These are the BRs I have saved. I had so much R4/5 in the CME one haha, don’t miss that era tho. The last one is the biggest. I would post more, but apparently I only get to post 2 links lol

CME vs TN -

NJ vs 1v1 (CE) -


Personal stats in the CME era as well for the wows



“body seems unclear, is this a complete sentence?”


Sadly the era was over in 154 ticks :frowning:


that battle was the deciding battle of the entire era
and why you gotta hurt me like this leero :frowning:


Its not the end of the world ¯_(ツ)_/¯