Battle Dawn: Zombie Mode


A different version of this event.

A very simple idea really, at tick 72 (1 day into a 3 ticker) a zombie gets randomly picked from the top 20. Anyone who gets conquered by a zombie instantly transfers to the zombies alliance. Being conquered by a Human does not conquer a zombie nor does it turn them back into a human.

This world would be a solo world but team work between solo players would be advised!

Humans can’t conquer anyone in this world or else conquered humans would be in a way protected from being conquered by zombies (can’t conquer a conquered colony) to compensate for a lower income extra workers could be given to match world boosts.

At tick 1000 the world will end.

So what do you win?

the Humans split 30k blues between whoever is left!
This means if 30 Humans remain they get 1k each no matter the rank but if just 1 remains they got the whole 30k!
The zombies with the most conquers will receive a small 500 blues for their effort.

If no humans survive then blues will be given out to the zombies with the most conquers.
100+ conquers 3k blues
50+ conquers 1000 blues
20+ conquers 500 blues
The last survivor will get a small 500 blues for their effort.

What happens if all the zombies die?

We can randomly select another top 20 player to join the zombie alliance.

World Details:
Map: Earth 5 map (unable to plant in extreme areas)
Speed: 3 ticker to keep this world quite fast
Tick limit: 1000 ticks
World will close at tick 500 (can’t join after tick 500)

Everything suggested is up to discussion/balance changes. Please vote below to indicate how interested you are in an event like this.

  • Brilliant idea, I want to play it today.
  • I like the idea but would want to make sure the event was balanced.
  • Stupid idea, I’ll comment below why.
  • i have a slight change to the idea that I’ve left below.
  • Elcent please stop posting suggestions (But yes this is a good idea.)

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didnt get the part about human conquers much but other than that this should be the next event and another great idea


Humans are unable to conquer anyone (Human or zombie). They also don’t transform zombies back into humans if they try to conquer them. This is so that people focus on the zombies rather than killing each other. That make sense?


yeah but u said something about if all zombies die
how will a zombie die if they cant be conquered or do u mean it army wise


army wise, would be quite boring if the zombie dies within a few ticks and thats it :confused:


Unless I’m missing something, wouldn’t the zombies die easily? Let’s say I’m rank 10, I get picked as zombie, I have an army that is most likely about as big as the rest of the top 10 or so. I go for my first conquer, someone that’s slightly lower ranked so that I don’t take too much risk, to get him to join the zombie alliance, right?

Now I’d most likely lose a decent chunk of my army in that attack, and I would presumable wipe out the army of whoever I’m getting to join the zombies. Furthermore, if I were one of the humans that was top 10 I’d just shadow the zombie so that when I see him send at a colony, I take his origin meaning he completely loses his army.


Milan, you have a very valid point. but why are you implying that you’re actually good enough to kill anyone?


Sorry, i missed out the 1st zombie would get a 6k metal and oil bonus at tick 72 to help them with the start. But yes someone could still boost and kill them so perhaps make it 3 of the top 30?

The start would need to be tested as if it snowballs too much the era is over by tick 500 however you don’t want it to be the era is just getting started as it ends. To help balance things the admin can send out resources to either side.

Also i assume some humans will let them selves be conquered with just spams.


very valid point
how are the zombies gonna gain power if they need to kill their own teammates


Well the world is solo vs the alliance that is the zombies. Although the first 200 ticks might be slow for the zombies they’ll rapidly expand suddenly when they have more members and more income.

As an event like this has never been done before some testing would need to be done to balance the 2 sides.


Maybe something like giving armies to first zombie, or make production bonuses for the zombies.
But as more players become zombies the bonuses will decrease.


You could perhaps have a system whereby the zombies have an equal income to that of all the survivors combined, therefore as you have more and more zombies, the zombies get less and less income. Or something along those lines.


Talking about old zombie events reminded me of this


Will be Fun start it before summer ends


someday :slight_smile:


wait… I’m an admin now… whats stopping me :stuck_out_tongue:


^he is stopping you.
Was gonna ask him to do this for the next E1 era.


I dont usually forbid events :stuck_out_tongue:


If anyone has some serious idea about how best to implement this please feel free to reach out to me. Currently just planning new ideas and open to suggestions.


i have some idea but firstlynwe would need to make your world a team world