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Hey guys so I’m an old yet unknown player of BD and I remember seeing this certain alliance, which would be there just to report on what is happening throughout the era. I’m thinking of taking the initiative of rekindling the same thing, so I’d like to know if you guys are interested in seeing such an entity back in BD again.

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Its nice how you guys are trying to bring more people to the servers , but i think its a bit in the wrong direction.

Just think about it , when u are looking for a new game do u ever go to tweeter and look for it. I never do that.

some people go to playstore and check ratings and play the ones which are in top10 or for PC games they use the mmorpg websites. some people just google something like “Top 10 strategy games of 2017”. Sadly Battledawn doesnt make top10 of any of those lists , if something can be done about that then we might be able to get new players here. Otherwise all hardwork will be of no use.

This idea isn’t to get new players but to keep the already existing players interested in the game by knowing what’s happening around them.
Like for example this E3 era was very eventful but not many people know what’s exactly going on so it’d be my job to find out the allies the enemies and report it like a news paper does.
Lets say it’s to add a little bit of spice to the game.


@BaBaBaBaBane makes a very valid point not many people use twitter and those who do aren’t there exactly to search for a game.

This isn’t an attempt to invite new players but just to retain players and keep things interesting for everyone

I remember those guys, was pretty cool how they covered most of the major wars going on at the time.

Feel free to do so Natsu :slight_smile: Honestly, the reason it stopped is simply because it’s hard to maintain and keep up :slight_smile: But it was always fun.

And king, there’s some merit to social media to spread word, but as bane said, it’s hard to try convincing solely on it. Twitter may be good for helping bring in new players that are your friends, but not to grab general masses. And it’s always helpful to have a place for updates and to stay on top of news, but I’m not quite sure twitter is the right social media outlet.


If there’s something the team can do to support an effort like this, please let me know. :slight_smile:


I was bored and deicded to check the twitter out about E3, i went expecting it to be poorly done and barely constructed but i must say, well done. The reporting is solid and the advertising is done really well.

Proof about the reporting: Im in a high ranked team on e3 and we just surprised attacked another team and as we were in the air he already has screenshots of armies flying and reporting on who were attacking and spamming etc. We had literally just started the war like a tick prior and he was all over it. It is so far being very well done and im excited for its growth!

nice job @KingBazil


Thank you so much. Means a lot.

is there any way that i can mass my mails to specific players instead of copy pasting the news into new messages every time and sending it over and over again?

Well, the forum can be used for this for one (can even set it up so a group PM convo emails everyone in it), can also use Skype of course (and forbid others to talk there), additionally you can also ask the admin to cooperate and mass them.

Though this of course depends on the trust between you and admin - maybe you can get an admin to do a little competition where good news in the era (well written) gets a mass and 200 blues for the one submitting it, with their name in the mass like “War between x and y (by name)”

@Alexander like Twitter can we also take battledawn to other social media sites?

BD is already on FB, If I recall correctly few years back Ilona took the responsibility. We were also rewarded 50 Blues for sharing and liking BD page. Also regular updates of what us going on were put on the page back then.
Well my point is that of we could attract new players from FB.
Well the I don’t really know much about social media platforms as I don’t have accounts on most of them and also if I do, I barely login.

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