Battle Dawn Mini Game

Hey Dawners!

I have quit BD a year back due to life issues and I have realised many are willing to play BD or get back from break but cannot afford to do that due to busy life schedules.

I have thought of a new Battle Dawn minigame that will be exactly same as battle dawn, but the tick speed will be extremely high so that an era can be finished within a 5 hours.


Maps : Only Earth
Rules : Everything is same as that of Battledawn
Team Size : SOLO
Tick Speed : 1 tick per minute (60 ticks / hour)
Max Tick : 300
Relics drop at : Tick 200
Tokens : Not included in game, rather a non-boosting game, purely on skill.
Structures : All are same except that metal, oil production are increased than in real BD.
Medals and Hall Of Fame : Same as BD
Achievements : Not available
Units : Same as BD (27 types)
Crystals, Score, Power : All are included and decide ranking

Rest all features of regular Battle Dawn not listed here are also included in the game!

This game will be like a usual BD server with exception of being a SOLO one and no one can boost here off course. The major advantage of this game which will attract players to invest their time in it, that a era gets over only in 5 hours, and that people on break or having a busy life can play it at the end of a hectic day. People can complete this within 5 hours of non stop play rather than scrolling their screen for 2 months or even more!

This game is open for suggestions for improvement and its my request to Tacticsoft to CREATE THIS and all Battle Dawners to support this Article.

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Impossible :frowning:

sure go play warlight rofl. this game is strategy not who’s the faster thinker

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I agree good idea maybe increase tick lwngth to 5 minutes for planning thou

BD does not even last 5 hours without it crashing.

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@Capo - That shows who’s the most intelligent!

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Why don’t u simply play when ur free?

And end up dying xD? Come on m8 BD is a game of Addicts and ya need to be on 24/7 during wars!

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Not exactly, who’s the most intelligent is shown on 1 tickers, or half tickers (too bad they dont exist)

Actually, I put up a similar idea for a super fast tick event era way back. Sadly, the answer is a no. More so because our servers (and many people’s internet) cannot handle such with the way the game currently works. I mean, some people take an entire minute just to refresh. They’d miss every tick :stuck_out_tongue:

We would literally be creating a new game to optimize this way of playing. I would love for something like this to exist, but just isn’t do-able at the moment for BD. I’m heavy in favor of this kind of play though. I love RTS games. But at it’s core, BD is a tick based game as well, not an RTS.