Battle Dawn Leauge

There was a discussion on Mars 1 era 60 about OP alliances and boosting. The problem is that was that on one side you have people who have been playing BD for years, and on the other you have people who have just joined or recently came back. The balance of power is really one-sided and that takes a lot of fun out of the game for less experienced players. A few people had a suggestion about having a special server event where boosting would not be allowed. I later realized this wouldn’t be possible. But I came up with a new idea, what about a ranked Battle Dawn type of game?

This version of Battle Dawn would focus a little more on the players skill from multiple servers and group them with other players from a similar skill level. The same way you’d have ranked and unranked servers on Xbox Live or PSN.

  • The skill levels would be divided amongst Novice, Experienced, and Pro.
  • You will not be able to join if you are not in the correct skill level. Ex: (Pro can’t join novice or vice versa)
  • Each ranked group will have their own high score or Greatest Of All Time list just like the regular game.

That’s all I could come up with right now but I’ll come back another time and update the suggestion list.

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  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea
  • It needs more before I can decide…

Again the same problem occurs, what about old players who make new accounts and play? they would automatically be counted as noobs.

True, but that would happen with any competitive ranked server though. They can just work their way back up to their correct rank.

I mean to say u can have players make new accounts to pose as Noobs, In turn they will be playing with new players and may bully them

How would you police this? What makes someone go into each rank? How would you implement it?

It’s a decent idea but it’s not one a flash game would have the capability for I wouldn’t think. It would take ages to code something like that, if it’s even possible

To answer both of your questions about how this will be monitored is that the lower levels due to inexperience won’t have access to some of the stuff the higher two levels have.

(this is a working concept)

This topic is still open and I want to see more votes!