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I didn’t think this out so this is going to come off the top of my head.

What is “Battle Dawn Legacy?”

Battle Dawn legacy is a mode or an updated version of this game that I came up with in August to distinguish more experienced players from the novice players and to create a more competitive twist to an already established game. I’ve noticed that while looking through the Hall of Fame that alliances did not have some sort of visible “dynastic” award system like the individual players do. My idea is to have an alliance legacy mode of some sort with the goal being “eternal glory”.

How will other players see your alliance’s legacy?

As all of us know after an era is completed and before the next one begins our names are already in the Hall of Fame list. Your achievements will be displayed at the start of the next era by using what I call “Star Trophies”. These will be shown right next to your alliance’s name for the entirety of the following era even if you finish on the lowest rank possible. The alliance’s score will be tracked only if you use the same exact alliance name & tag, and if the founder of the alliance choses to restart it. It should NOT work if someone other than the founder remakes the alliance. The founder also has to remain the alliance leader for the entirety of the era. Changing the name during the alliance’s first era will NOT effect the outcome as long as they keep the name, tag, and the leader exactly the same.

##What is a Star Trophy?
A star trophy :sparkler: is a visual display of your alliance’s achievements from the previous era(s). It will work the same way a medal does for an individual player except your alliance is capable of losing it’s star if it finishes with a lower rank or if it does not finish in the top 3.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

1.  You make an alliance [for example: Mars 3 era 90].

2.  If your alliance finishes Mars 3 Era 90 in one of the top 3 positions, the founder of that alliance should reuse the EXACT same name and tag for Mars 3 Era 91 in order for to qualify for a star trophy.

3. If your alliance did not finish Mars 3 Era 91 in one of the first three positions, or if you finished with a lower rank ,  you will NOT have anything next to your alliance name or it will be replaced by a lower tier star.

This is sort of like an enhanced high score list for alliances.

This won’t have any major effects on gameplay but the alliance’s performance from previous eras will be displayed via the alliance list next to the alliance’s name with a bronze, silver, or gold star trophy next to the alliance’s name depending on which position they finished with on the previous era. (See example below)

What will happen if my alliance loses its winning streak?

If your alliance loses it’s winning streak because you did not finish the current era in one of the top 3 spots, you will lose your star trophy and you will have to start your winning all over again, but your alliance will retain its position in the Hall of Fame list.

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