Battle Dawn Galaxies


Just 1 question…

Why doesnt anyone play BD galaxy anymore?


I have no idea but, I would like to know as well.


Cause its ruled by 2 families who wants to fight an empire of subs? and the maps generally suck compared to Fantasy, Mars, and Earth


BattleGalaxy died long back around 2013 itself.

Unfortunately it couldn’t get new generation players after the old ones quit.
I mean like, talking about G2, if i recall the last most competitive eras which took place were era 30-32. That is 4 year back. That era almost all major players, Baal pinksoda & their AK47, M16
Silent & his team including some of the best players of galaxy ,Skull,saaladin, kira
It also witnessed many played from FD like YD guys from TK 3z, SK kami playing.
But after that almost everyone kinda quit.

When galaxy was competitive during that time TK took complete control over G4 & G3 & kicked all the competition out. G5 was a solo sort of thing which i recall was mostly ruled by PLO alone. Only G1 & G2 saw new teams competing as players & alliances were afraid of loosing to TK on G3 & G4 & to PLO on G5.
The only major teams were FD, DEA,DOGS etc which quit without finding new members who could continue their under their name. But TK made sure that it recruited new players who were trained by older ones who could continue with their names thats the reason why TK was still there till last year or so.

There were many big mouths on BD which challenged BG teams But never actually made their way to galaxy & backed off last min saying they don’t like maps, server is dead etc etc.

Around 2015 voting was removed so BG’s name from the MONPROG sites was removed & also during that time only Tacticsoft stopped online ads for the game.

BD was able to recover & is still recovering but BG never recovered I don’t see any hope in future as well.


If people can still play BD , why not BG? its pretty much the same thing under a different name


I remember when Mirage asked a few of us to go there to get blues via daily boost and to mess around. We ended up being a sub for some alliance that wanted to challenge TK. They died, we killed TK main/training sub but ultimately died to TK because we didn’t realize some BG mechanics are different than BD mechanics… Lol


Galaxy was so fun i just came to check how it was doing and only G1 and G2 are left it’s really sad.


Glad to see you around claw. Yes its kinda saddening.
I still miss the time when I played with Kira & Silent including era G2 era 32, those two were beasts when played together.

Mataus TK trained a lot new players in their support teams. We had a lot of old players who didn’t have a lot of time but still wanted to hang out hence trained players. But this didn’t go down well with other players who played against us. I really wonder how much impact a team of 8 semi active trainees & 2 pros affected the war. It hardly did. Also the the enemy alliance came with their subs prepared.


@Hitmo do you actually remember what happened that era? I don’t know my alliance name or the one we subbed for. We killed a couple hundred squads I believe before we died… Maybe just 100, I do remember the sub we faced was as active as us, given we went there to get blues and mess around. It was fun, not trying to say that we almost killed TK or anything. Just that we had a trap set for 100~ to squads but it didn’t work because we didn’t know BG has some different mechanics than BD. That was our only hope, didn’t work, so we called it GG.


Are you talking about the same era as I? i.e. G2 era 32 or you talking about any other era where u faced TK?
What I said abt TK training players that was not just one era or 2, we did it for quite a long time.

I haven’t played competitive on galaxy from a very long time. I played competitive on BD, but i don’t remember any major or game changing difference between the mechanics of the two. I might be wrong, bcoz I havent played BD as well from like past 2 years.


Nope not that era, I have no idea when it happened.

Something about an agent not following a relocation


I’ve tried playing galaxy once…
I’ve seen around 15 teams with the same tag on a solo era held in G1…which made it stupid and pointless to play diplo…

Also there are a few game mechanics different from bd which really sucks imo…(12 tick rasing, can’t place 50sp with 20e)


those minor ones are.
But nothing that can turn the entire tables of the era.


Do agents move with a colony that is relocating or do they stay in the same place? In BD. It’s been awhile.

I think that’s what the problem was, in BG the agent didn’t move with the colony as planned, so we couldn’t lock and burn. I’m quite a noob honestly.

I was skeptical myself, I’m pretty sure we’d have to wait because colony ticks would be reset but everyone else said it would work…


Agent’s do move with colony when they relocate… The colony and Relocating OP just exchange places, so I guess you will still have an Agent there after he relocates if you are lucky


We were trying to relocate one of our own colonies to an OP under massive attack… agent didn’t follow.