Battle Dawn Forum Draft


I’d definitely encourage making your own team and seeing how far you can go. :slight_smile:

Even if the draft itself isn’t there you can still have fun with your friends :slight_smile:


This was disappointing.

Maybe we can shift the draft from E1 to any other server?
Also if jazz doesn’t show up,any volunteers who would like to help in conducting the era on any other server?


Kaen or malice can lead the draft. If they want. Im just dissapointed that the draft fail. Almost 3 weeks we prepare for this


I’m disappointed in the falling through of the draft as well. I’ll be willing to form a draft for a future era unless Malice decides to run it. i don’t intend on attempting to fix the current draft. i feel it’s too late for that. especially for e1


Shoot me a message on Skype if you signed up for the draft and I haven’t added you into the chat yet. 40 people in the chat so far, let’s see whether we can still get this going :slight_smile:


Milan you will need to actually check which guys actually singed up & still haven’t added as many who signed up barely visit forum.


Congratz to Milan for pulling this off and making it happen , 1 like :+1:


The next question is, how many alliances got made through the draft?


3 joshni, pretty good i feel


Yes, big thumbs up for Milly :+1:

Didn’t think the draft could be pulled together last minute like that. I’m sure it took a lot of effort and in such a short time frame. Good job


how do I sign up for this


It’s already happened, lmao


Wind in Asia , lolg in europe and TBK in Antarctica are all draft teams , made up of draft players. Its is fun to fight alongside someone who you are meeting for the first time. :slight_smile:


This era was kind of huried and mismanaged, still kudos to @milan for pulling this at last moment.

We should definitely conduct another draft
era soon under the supervision of someone more experienced in administration like @Malicewolf and josh next time im totally up with you in conducting the era if you interested.


:disappointed_relieved: are you cloning josh? I can barely handle one…


Although everything was done in a hurry , still the event was fine organized. But i would add that if the event was more about Draft teams vs Draft teams rather than Draft teams vs set teams it would been better. But there is no way that admin can make sure that only draft teams play the era , so this problem cannot be solved.

I would say it was better that TLA showed up with 1-2 allies and the draft teams were able to put some fight and the war is still going on. But Just imagine if it was the old E1 ARM empire and it showedup instead of TLA , all the draft teams would be dead by tick 250. So this is a problem which we cannot fix.

But all in all , nice fun event , got to meet a lot of fun people and looking forward to play more eras with them. :slight_smile:


i guess i missed it ? count me in for the next draft please.
skype RunnerChase/theSource


Lol the main TLA team (TKO) was made last day, unretiring all our players, had no idea about this draft thing, I myself placed tick 42 :smiley:


Lot of Draft players also planted way after the era started , cause the delay in the event due to Jazz being inactive. I myself planted since tick 1 but then i had to relocate all the way to AA from europe as my draft team was planted there later in the era. But in the end all good. It was a fun era. :slight_smile:


who won and what happened