Battle Dawn Forum Draft


NOOB is the PLO team or kael team?


Kael’s team.

@Jazz - Start rallying the troops to figure out who is still onboard for the event. Now’s the time to start getting the prep work done (aka - find out how many are attending event, picking captains, setting even specific rules, etc)


I’m out. Won’t be able to make it.

But josh I would be interested in seeing the mechanism or I should say the adminstrative part of conducting the era.


^same here ill have to sub for someone, im out of 1 tickers (cept f1) cuz im gone after june


Get in touch with Jazz. This is his thing :slight_smile:


I’d say I’d like to play, but I think jazz is mad with me c; love u @Jazz


Is this still going to be a thing?


That is a great question


C’mon guys just need to delay it by 13 days :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll try to get ahold of @Jazz

But worst case, I’ll see about getting things rolling. Does anyone know if there is already a chat up for this? I know Jazz was collecting skype contacts, so I assumed he was adding people into a big group chat. If not, I will start to get things organized in a day or so if Jazz doesn’t pop his head in.


Well we got some big group chat. Bunch of nc and crazy ppl. Tho i lke seeing 500plus mess everyday​:joy::joy:


Yes its happening still!

Draft taking place very soon, stay woke for details!


All have been messaged!

Respond ASAP to confirm your spot in the draft.

Draft will take place tomorrow.


are you still in for the e1 draft?

cant find your skype

add me at raph.battledawn


So how the drafting going to work? Have a massive skype chat or something?


Skype - watching.deelan
I don’t use Skype anymore


Skype: Pocono


ign- LuCiFeR (SKELETOR/BoogieMan/Soul Reaper/Broken angel)

skype- lakshygaur


IGN : Agirgis1
Skype: Andrew.girg


@Jazz, E1 restarted, is this still going ahead