Battle Dawn Forum Draft


this sounds really interesting idea actaully


eyy i am in.

Skype: nath.joe1


SAURON > skype :wink:


ign : Bane

sourabh.sharma494 >skype id


Ign : no common ign
Skype : varidhish desai


IGN: Diamond


old ign - malice of wonderland
skype - joshni0

its been a few years since i have played, if this is still going on this would be a fun way to get back in.


IGN: Sander
Skype: facebook:jarvisdanao


IGN: Excl
Skype: Battledawn.rage


Can anyone please give an update on E1? Approx how long will era last?


Bump so this get on top again


Any ideas on how long till e1 finishes?


Well, it’s tick 1456 out of potentially 2000. Rank 1 still hasn’t finished taking the relics from now rank 7.
Relics are still pretty spread out.
Rank 1 has 6 currently.
Rank 2 has 1
Rank 3 has 1
Rank 7 has 2

Ranks 1-3 are all working together though. But at rate things are going… I’d say likely going to go all 2000 ticks.


You sure josh it will last till 2k? That means 22 days more?


Ugh wish it lasted till late june lols


No guarantee, just saying, PHX been pretty much dead for a long time now. NOOB has relic in Aussie now moving towards PHX relics, which will be the only way to grab them, but it’ll be a bit. Then JW and NIB have to either hand over or fight with NOOB. Why they don’t just swap that now in prep, i dunno, unless they’re prepping to fight, which I doubt.


wierd rank 7 has 2 relics lol


Was the rank 2 team before they fell.


IGN :: PS (Pakistani Soldier)
Skype :: abdul.rafay64


NOOB holds the 10 relics, 90 ticks until havoc I guess.