Battle Dawn Forum Draft


Cool, then don’t participate.

If your only purpose on this thread is to knit-pick this event you can leave.


You really think I’m doing that? Check my answers earlier in thread and you will notice that how ecstatic im about this event. Just that absence of few players disappointed me a bit, but that’s ok.
My only argument is that there is no need to hurry. We should first reach out to the masses let them know about this event gather more big names and then start this event.

Anyway add 2 names to your list.
Hitmo - facebook:tanmay.duragkar
Sandip - sandip.ghosh85

I’ll only play if this era starts mid may, also I wont respond on Skype until same time, if you need to contact me, then simply send a PM on forum.
And sandip doesn’t like visiting forum but he is interested.


I disagree, the point of this event is to have evenly matched teams duking it out. That’ll happen because of the setup of the event, regardless of who plays.


Well ok, I messed up. That ‘don’t’ was not required. It completely changed the meaning.
I meant that you 4 should be 4 different teams so your point of evenly match team I agree with that.
And regarding your 2nd part, I disagree. Go tell other players that Malice and Senatus are playing against each other with evenly matched teams and BRs would be put on forum, you will notice the sudden spike in traffic on forum because of the be thread.
Anyway I’m not forcing anyone to play. I just told about the consequences of what will happen if you 4 play in different teams.


Returning player, no one will remember my original ingame name.

Now going by the BigDog ingame.

Skype is Big_Dog


I dont mind doing a shoutout if needed, but it seems to me this event will be fine.

Maybe see if the current era competitors are interested too – They should know when it will end well etc :slight_smile:


Nearly at the 40 member mark, so excited yall!


What’s the status on E1? Any chances of era getting dragged until may?


most likely mid april


sorry then, you are 1 down .Will need to wait more longer for 40 mark


Don’t forget. Shiz happens. I’m sure replacements and the such will be needed as the era progress’s and people quit/life takes over.


Topic been dead for 3 days, this still a thing?


I think it is yes. This E1 is just a bit more exciting than anticipated. Malice I think your previous guess of tick 1000 will be wrong :smiley:


alright well if its still going on im down
ign - mr o
skype- toolad


Unfortunately, event start dates and the such are always subject to change pending how the current eras go ^^ Even other worlds reset times are susceptible to change and delay other worlds. Is the nature of BD


Ill sign up



I, too, will sign up.
Ign: Mist
Skype: inmistwetrust


this looks like its picking up steam probably at 4 teams right now


we are at 40!!! Thanks to all who have signed up, continue to encourage others to do so.


I be in

As in old bd there was many eras of random drop grab people close 2 you and start an team teach the new ones on the fly just kick till you find active.

Those were some of the best rounds you would find many teams that were active and strong to face off against, you might bring a few players with you. but by no means a whole pre planed team every era.

On that note have BD random drop your colony and only be able to team up with those in same area say only those in aussie can make a team and only those in na can make a team only those is aa make a team and so on.

May bring back that old flame were looking for… those eras that are unknown and a true fight.