Battle Dawn Forum Draft


So on what basis are the players divided & how many categories are there?
What i read above that leaders are selected on the basis of experience, but how are the other players categorized? There should atleast more 2 categories of players depending upon their exp & amount amount of tokens they are willing to boost & activity. How is that decided?


its not the captains choose of thier own accord, you can choose how u want, like say there is ICEMAN and Milan on the list, who do you value more, Milan whos a great player probably the best, or ICEMAN whos also a great player, probably not as good as Milan but he brings lots of tokens to the team. Up to the captain on who he sees more value in


Many of the players are fairly well known within the game and the captains are all experienced enough to recognize the ones the want to pick, not pick, etc.


To be honest if we play with same set of players again & again it would hardly make any difference
Via this event, we should try out those golden set of noobs who don’t have any major exp but are willing to put hours of hard work & are also willing to learn. Only then this would help battledawn in long term.
Also I believe there should be a neutral body who should suggest changes if it sees that a particular team has becomes too strong. For eg. We cannot have ICEMAN & Malice is same team no way. Bocz both use massive amount of supporter tokens & both highly active just that ICEMAN has a edge over malice in boosting & malice has a edge in activity over iceman.


Helping noobs get experience in the future is for the E4 event, coming soon.

Not all the big names have signed up for this event, but many have, it should be a lot of fun.

Also, other teams can place regardless of the draft.


I don’t think the big players are even aware of this event.
We need to do some marketing for this era.


There was a poll held a week ago.
From that it was decided that Factions is the event that will be held.

Thread of the poll -->
For more details see this please —>


Yea just a few hours ago I came across the poll and the faction thread. Thanks for the heads up though.

This new forum seems very unorganised to me or idk maybe in not able to manage it. I miss the old forum now.


4 top ten boats are playing, and numerous other top players.


Who are the captains and when does the draft and era take place ?


The draft won’tbe taking place now. The faction thing will be taking place.


I think the draft is an unofficial thing? Ie. whilst the Factions event has a special server and special settings etc people are just doing the draft for fun


Yeah the draft is a player run event Hitmo lol


Even though it’s unofficial but we need some kind of supervision or assistance from the BD management team which we won’t be getting now as faction won the popular vote.

But I’m still looking for this draft thing in future maybe after faction era?


The draft is player organized and run.

  1. You do not have to participate, and can play on any team you so chose.

  2. While not official, Alex will make sure the era is fun as he often does.

  3. The factions event and the E1 Draft are two separate events.


Could you please list all 30 players who have signed up and also tell who the 3 leaders are?



Thing to note. Drafts go by draft style picking abd the # of captains should be based on # of players signed up.

As for draft style picking, if you have 5 captains, they would do something to pick the order in which they choose (in this case, likely a "pick number 1-100, and closest goes first, etc.). Once the order is set, the leaders would pick like this.

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 5
Team 4
Team 3
Team 2
Team 1

And continue until their teams are built.


This event won’t be fun and the war would be like any other ordinary war if players like malice, senatus, muha, Alex don’t sign up and don’t play in 4 different teams.


Nah, its good fun. Usually the captains understand whos good and this forces the teams to spread out experienced players in all. Helps with getting players out of their comfort zones with the same old people