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I dont remmember you playing the schoolyard era but it was a total fail lets be honest :wink:


I didn’t play it, correct. I wouldn’t call it a total fail though, I think it went quite well.


It wasn’t a fail it ended up being epic.


Please, so much people left original alliances to join others and lets not forget some had 5 subs 3 of them were E farms. The era didn’t have anything to do with schoolyard event :slight_smile:


If there was no schoolyard event then there wouldve been a lot less competition, fighting and drama till the end, leaving alliances was just a part of it but the event did bring more teams making it epic.


In what alliance were you? The thing is the era had nothing to do with the event so whats the point?


Well it did for the first few hundred ticks until the team I was in, which if I recall correctly was called LAMP, disbanded as fireman Pete stabbed, at that point the world went into chaos. Point of the event is to make it fun and epic for the players, which imo it was. The event brought more teams into the table which made diplomacy and strategy a lot more valuable.


The players/teams who signed up for that event (1 person who shall not be named) brought 2 E farm full alliances + 2 subs you do realize that?


Of course, but that didn’t stop it from being fun :smiley:


Swagger are you playing?


Well I’m not sure, it depends on when it starts really cos exams are coming near.


IGN: Yahiakh1
Skype: Yahiakhaled7
I wont be active at march and till half of June cuz of exams


Still looking to get more signed up! Tell all your friends.


IGN: Linus
Skype: Ganz Montejo


IGN : XXXX skype : Mark Arbis


Could anyone please take the pain of explaining me, what draft is & how it works? I read the rules & suggestions like new medals etc but my question is what exactly draft is? how is it different from normal era?

I’m off the game from past 1.5-2 years due to tight study schedule, but I’m looking for a comeback in mid may or early june when my exams would be done. 1 tick will be slow for me, 3 or atleast 2 would be better but even 1 will do as I just need entry into the game.


3-4 captains take turns picking the players of their choice from the list one at a time until everyone is picked


Hey guys id like to join if it’s fast lul



But yeah ill put you down fei