Battle Dawn Forum Draft


1 ticker ew. like damn. i dont need that much sleep


Already have twenty players signed up!!!

Thanks for all the support, please continue to get your friends involved and excited.

-Skype: raph.battledawn


IGN: I dont Know
Discord: Firdausthegamer#4651


Do you have a skype?


Skype: fps.russia11
not a fan of 1 tickers but will definitely try it


i dont have Skype, I rather choose Discod than Skype


IGN : Fast N Furious/FNF
Skype : bojsane.mickic


You should make one, it is key to being able to communicate with your team.


it hard to use skype, i like discord, but ill try making Skype account


I’ll apply because I see friends like Tyler and FPS applying. Not sure if I’ll be terribly active but 1 ticker should be fine.

IGN: usually Zealot or Full House.


Forum name is Cybran, in game right now I am CyanPhoenix, but upcoming eras I will be Cybran.
Skype is also Cybran, I think.


An Update we are at 25 members with an additional 10 players probably joining up soon. Get all your friends on here!


I wish i could play with you, but a 1 ticker is just disgusting.


It will be fun and one tickers give you time to play other eras.


Very good idea! I voted for a king of hill era on another thread however I am a huge fan of events.
In game name: George (Sometimes Roses of Sorrow or Wounds of Sadness)
I should be free in April, May and June because I will have finished school by then so no life circumstances to halt me from achieving any eventual ambition I may have with regards to this era.
My skype: george.battledawn




sounds like the last school yard era which was also community driven
i do not see the point of special medals or special rewards though if its community driven always against those
I think admins can be nice enough to notify about alliance size before hand though :smiley:
if this gets enough attention i doubt a none random team will place since most will respect the event


IGN - Mann
skype- dreameroftm


Nah, non contest based alliances will always show. But very seldom are they organized enough to take on the teams that are attending the event.

And I do agree. We don’t want to give every new event special rewards or medals. It makes them seem less meaningful. We want those to be truly special items that people strive for on eras we know will be competitive.


yeah i guess they will always show but i mean i doubt for example a team like cme(just an example) will show when their is an event in the era organized enough teams wont be around


We have hit thirty members and now have enough to fill 3 teams!

If we get ten more it would be great. Tell all your friends.