Battle Dawn Discord Channel (closed)


Everyone is using Skype right now to chat with their alliances. But, for big events (like the E1 Draft game,) why not have a Battle Dawn server on Discord?

Anyone and everyone can join in conversation. Admins can set it so members cannot post pictures, or say lewd things. There are roles you can make, to separate what people can see.

For those of you unfamiliar with Discord, here is an example. This is what I’m using for my alliance:

As you can see, the name of the server is “Robin’s Merry Men.” Those in red can see certain text channels, like “in-game chat” or “important alerts.” For those in blue, the Groupies, they can only see the welcome channel, misc chat, and emoji requests.

Lots of people have Discord channels nowadays. In fact, see the other bubbles on the left side? Those are completely separate servers, for different reasons. One of them is my Dungeons and Dragons group. Another was made by a very popular streamer named X33N, which has thousands of members.

Battle Dawn staff could make custom emoji’s, like little colonies or dragons straight from the game. There can be separate text channels for each world, so alliance leaders (and members) can publicly chat to each other.

Most importantly, it’s imperative to keep new players in the community, and having a place to chat is a perfect way to do so. Games are far more fun when they have easy access to communicate with each other, and Discord does a perfect job at making that possible.



While Discord is very powerful, it ultimately is an even more voice-based chat than Skype is, which could in turn form an even bigger barrier for new players after a switch.

Additionally it would alienate any veterans who would return, but on skype… And it would cut ties much more strongly for quitting players (in the end many Battle Dawn players are adults who don’t play games, they would simply delete Discord).

Skype was, for many reasons, a very bad thing to happen to this game. Namely it greatly increased the barrier to become part of the community by making them join something they may not trust (a common reason we get when someone refuses to install skype, is that they think it means they’ll have to voice call).

– Discord is even less prevalent, more focused on voice (also extremely alienating to people who don’t speak english very well) and more specific for gaming.

In the end Skype has 660 million users, 300 million+ logging in monthly, while Discord proudly touted 11 million registers over the year 2016 (which by no means means active users…).

Simply put – While I don’t doubt it would work very well for the BD community, that’s precisely why we should not allow it to happen. It would potentially be even more disastrous for retention than the Skype switch.

Unless someone can bring a very strong argument (VERY strong), I feel we have no choice but to actively block any switch to Discord.

Edit: Discord broke their own record last year with 1 million concurrent users. Skype also did so, with 80 million.

Edit: Some additional stuff I forgot to mention:

  • Skype actually fits BD specifically much better (allowing for wake-up calls through it, for example)
  • Skype creates deeper connections (can quit BD and get dragged in through skype – A move to discord would make it a lot easier to quit the game. Sounds good, but not good for the game :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • Skype makes it fairly big barrier to voice call, which in turn means its all exclusively text, very beneficial to non-natively english people like myself.

– Make voice calling easily enough, and eventually a lot of/most casual chatting will become voice, as you spend nights on BD together…

Could be very excluding and painful for a big part of the community.

— I’ve thought this over and discussed it before. Discord is very nice. I use it. But I fear it would do great damage to the game.

Edit 3:
Another thing to consider:

If admins of BD monitor it, we would have no choice but crack down on misbehavior in chats, meaning entire sub communities that currently go beyond even legal limits would need to go, even if they do so for their own amusement purely.

If its a player, we’d have no guarantee how they behave, what they do, or hell, they could just delete the entire BD community in a bad mood… No way we can let a player control it either…

Having a third party controlled platform is a pretty huge advantage…


Rather than ALL this
Why not customize the ingame chat to support smileys, links and pictures

We wont need the other crap
except Skype for pre planned era’s

Then again we have the forum for that


If a Discord server is created it can’t be official. Also I’ve seen how these servers end up, the old battlefield forums closed and the community migrated to 2 very large discord servers with 500+ people. From the start there was a lot of fighting which only got worse, many people were banned and a lot of people left the server after a few months because other people in the server were ruining it for them by harassing other members of the chat. I’m still in the same server now, we only have about 15-30 actives max after 10 1/2 months of the server being up. It’s hard to control these things. Although there is one thing I’ll say, Skype is garbage compared to Discord and the only reason Skype is bigger than Discord is due to Skype being very old and established and also the fact that Skype is used for business calls, people talking to friends and family internationally, and of course, it is used for gaming too but that community has been migrating to Discord very quickly.

Also in what way is Discord more voice based? They’re about the same tbh, you can chat in Skype just like you can in Discord, and Discord is a lot easier to organize and looks better in general.


My opinion is that Skype is easier to use text chat wise. But Discord’s organization capabilities are much better as it allows you to segment a chat server however you need and allows for better permissions to be set among the members. Which is GREAT for things like clans and guilds for games where voice chatting is already a thing (like MMORPG’s). But it can cause issues when they get too big. Think of a less organized and more hectic forum… That’s pretty much what discord turns into when you just start adding people left and right into it. Then it slowly deteriorates.

The staff will not officially stand behind either program. You can use them of course, but BD won’t specifically promote it’s use. And prior to skype, MSN chat was the main thing. Then we switched over to skype. Even I fought that switch at first and it was only after leaving the game for a few months and seeing that no one remained on MSN that I finally switched over. Doing that switch to Discord now would likely cause much of the same issues. But when MSN switched… we had a population of around 3000 players…


@Malicewolf Let me add to the first part of this: Discord is also great for events or organizations like the factions event. If STRK had a discord instead of a skype it would have been able to filter out the small talk to the in game battle and would be more organized too.

Also take a look at the BDA\AANC it has like 7 chats in skype and it’s all very unclean. In discord they managed to put everything into 1 server and cater to everybody’s needs


I had a pretty long chat with Alexander privately. Long story short, things are going well for BD and they are working on some major changes right now, so we can talk about this issue again later if it’s still a problem.


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i love Discord and use it for team gaming like when i play Warframe or Overwatch, but Capo has summed it up pretty well. it’s closed for me most of the time as well. i have skype open as soon as my computer boots up though


the change to discord seems pretty good but i would say this should wait like a year or so till discord is more popular so when new players come play the game they might be either already on discord or have no problem moving to another popular text chat and till then u can start by moving people bit by bit starting to base off some alliances on discord like you did with the merry men but it will probably have haters and people who refuse the change to discord completely like excl


I’d like to close this conversation now.

The BattleDawn staff have a lot of things going on right now, including the Steam addition, so we should table this conversation until further notice.