Bases idea for super mechs


I have a game suggestion. People with clans could make a base the base can be upgraded and bases give you gold tokens etc. The bases are raidable for players. U can only raid if the owner is online. You also could buy soldier mechs to guard the base the higher lvl the base is the more soldiers you could place. You also could downgrade bases


My man this is super mechs not clash of clans


There’s already a “Base” feature that is being tested, but it sucks due to the fact you have to wait like 5-60 Minutes to get 1 Item instead of DIRECTLY buying Item Boxes.

So yeah, no.


Alright, let’s name this game ‘Clash of Mechs’
A Clash of Clans rip off but with mechs.


Kill me.


This isn’t Clash Royale,boy.


This game is already far away from the stragy-based arena battle it used to be (the low drop rates make it a grind game, the “base” feature make it an idle game, the arena shop make it an “RPG” game), and you want it to be even more less-based on strategy arena battle ?

Lol, not for me ^^

I know this game is decaying, but well, not so fast XD


That’s how he got the idea.




Dead meme.

But alright,you get a pass.


Come on man, that’s a classic! Classics never die! :grinning:


This was one of my ideas, not many liked it. I think I even did a poll.


Very hard,but true.