BASE! My opinion so far

BASE = Good or Bad?

As of right now, if you:

  • Have been playing a year or so
  • Have at-least 2 mechs build complete
  • Able to do 3v3 campaign
  • Have at-least 10 million Gold
  • Have at-least 100 Mix boxes
  • Have at-least 1k tokens

Then you will be fine, with the base feature.

With this base feature, the game will proceed to be in a slow process. Now, if you switched, even by accident, to base, you can either decide to focus on the Base or Just keep farming OD6 or Mad Boy 8 for mix boxes, in replacing silver boxes.

How do I know this? It has been 14 days, and this is what I completed in one of my accounts

  • I’ve haven’t dropped below 10 Million gold.
  • Started with 12 Million gold, when the base activated.
  • Gold still rising.
  • Skipped on upgrades 4 times

My opinion, it’s alright for members who are prepared with the list stated in the beginning of this thread.
Advice for those who Clicked Base:

  • Do not craft until reach lvl 20
  • Just farm now for Mix Box
  • Save Gold in the process of upgrading base

For those who don’t have base, be prepared.

Now, for beginners as in New Accounts. This feature will suck.

Now advice for TS to keep SM a live:

  • Change game intro
  • Change game intro items
  • Have New accounts start with at-least 7 Million Gold

Though I doubt TS be reading this.

Though I don’t know if the game intro is still the same.

Will ad more to this thread.


I fit most of those descriptions;

  • I have been playing for 2.5 years
  • I have 2 mech builds complete
  • I can do some of 3v3 campaign
  • I have 3 million gold
  • I have 200 x5 silvers
  • I have 1.1k tokens, but I don’t plan on spending them.
  • I farm campaign quite often

I don’t know whether or not I should enable base. See, I have enough resources, but it would remove silver boxes…


I got stuck with it by accidentally pressing the enable button. I actually don’t think that the base is really that bad, but as mentioned many times before it would be extremely painful for beginners.

I have had the base for about 6-7 days and this is my current progress.

I craft one badge of commom-rare items once a day. This costs me around 100k coins.

I’m focusing on getting my goldmines to the highest level possible and I’ll leave the item factorys untouched until I get my HQ to level 15.

Last week I had 12mill coins and 1000 unclaimed boxes. After upgrading all my items to a decent level on my 3rd mech I had about 7mill coins left and 500 unclaimed mix boxes.
(After that I accidentally enabled base)

My coins have risen to 8mill and my unclaimed boxes have stayed at 500. The max amount of gold I had were 9mill. I usually stay around 8mill coins, because I still haven’t maxed my 3rd mech yet.

My progress isn’t really that slowed down, as I’ve always had the habit to buy 4 silver boxes a day and use them to upgrade my kits.

it’s almost the same right now. I craft the items, wait one day for them to be ready and then I upgrade my stuff.

All in all I really don’t mind waiting and paying a higher price to get fother. I really don’t think that loosing silver boxes cuz of the base is all too bad. Nothing has really changed for me. It’s the same old SuperMechs for me tbh.
It’s still enjoy playing the game on a daily basis.

I just a minor change that you’ll have to adjust to…

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All what you wrote, but i’m smart(?


There was another time where I felt like enabling base, but many people said no.

I’m just on a point where I’m lost, bouncing back and forth between wanting to enable and not wanting to enable. It will take away a good thing, and will give a few okay things, I really don’t know.


The reason being is that you might want to speed up the process of factories. It depends. Now, with base being activated, I see no point in buying Premium Packs from where this account is. Which is at rank 7. With that account being at a slow process, all I really need to do is up Modules. No point for any legendary items, right now.

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  • Have been playing since the start
  • 3 and a half mechs
  • Able to do 3v3
  • 4 Million gold
  • 50+ Mix Boxes only
  • No I’m broke
  • Playing sm since I’m 8 years old
  • Have 3 full divine mechs
  • Finished all 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 campaign expect the insane 3v3 boss
  • 75 million gold
  • 392 mixed boxes, 152 fortune boxes, 65 5x silverbox.
  • Already spent 2000+ tokens on speeding the base, the result is that I will be able to craft 13000 power kits tonight if I used all my gold.

Full Divine. Damn…


What level is that at???

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Factory level 15,
5000 gold and 20 minutes for each power kit


Full Rare kit? Or not full rare?

common or rare power kit




Hmm… Now I wonder if I should do the base with my main acct. Once I up the base to 15, we will see…

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oops, I forgot to mention that I need to wait 5 months


5 months for what???/

New update info on BASE feature… For existing players: If you plan to switch over to base. This now will only apply to players that reach rank 10-1. Now it’s best to have:

  • 500 "5 Silver Boxes Bought or 200 Mix boxes
  • At-least 10 million gold
  • Two rank 10-1 Mechs. (Meaning, have an account that can maintain rank 10 or get as far as 8 you can)
  • Have at-least 1500 tokens (This is if you are going to want to speed up the process)
    So at this point, where I am at

Not much to do, except:

  • farm and do the daily missions.
  • Upgrade rare upgrade kits or any other UK you have, by just completing the 15 used for upgrade and receive 20 items. (Basically can up 1 - 2 upgrade rare kits)
  • Just save now, and just up factories
  • Save tokens

If you do this, you will be getting more gold saved. Since I been doing this, I upped 2 Heat Engines and one Cooling mass booster. I have 20 rare upgrade kits, now. So, the base is keeping me from spending, and having me save more.

Now, Here is my plan with this account:

  • I will not craft at all, until one factory reaches 20
  • I will just be upping Head Quarters until reach 20
  • After I finish Head Quarter, I will work on the Factories lvl to 20
  • Once complete factories lvl 20, I will craft Legendary

So, this process will definitely take 3-5 Months. Will see if the game still exist then

Advice for 1st time players: Don’t waste your time on playing this game now. Find another game

Who started a new BASE account?
When did you start it?
How far are you in the Campaign?
Let me know please.


New update, (Like anyone cares, still gonna post)

Tonight will up the Headquarters to 15. That will take more than 3 days. I will gain more gold though, since I only farm on the account. Slow process.