Base Icon unable to see in main screen


My friend introduced me to this game and he showed me the base building aspect of the game. I have not ever seen this icon in the main menu. He said that he has had it since the beginning, I wonder if I am missing something. I would really appreciate some answers on this.


Looks like you’re new to forums, so first: Welcome :smiley_cat: (You’ll meet some people who will break the mood by saying that you should leave this game ASAP, but well…That’s their way of being :smiley_cat:)

Second: the Base feature is an experimental feature added to new accounts within a precise time window…(I think it was between 2 months and 1 month ago…I don’t remember…), now new accounts don’t get this feature anymore :smiley_cat:

And to be frank, the majority of the forums’ community was against, myself included, it’s somewhat slowing down the progression in this game, already somewhat long…:smiley_cat:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions if something’s unclear ^^




Base feature would be good if TS didn’t remove the ability to buy boxes