Base feature on Browser version?


Created a new account on browser version just for fun and was introduced during the tutorial to a Base feature that none of my other accounts on browser or mobile currently have. You build buildings that provide resources for either coins or time or both. Including Gold Mines and a building that you can pay and wait out a timer to receive a random common (and rare/legendary with upgrades) part card. Anyone else seen this feature? And if so, where is the news update discussing this?

What the hell happened? what did you do
My account has buildings
Infos abouth an upcoming update(maybe)
A question for everyone
A question for everyone

U wot m8?


whats this feature owo


Oh,that’s a new version of sm for new users.
@PyroBlitz show them dat SS.



@Sarah247 @Mohadib
Why do newcomers have this and us,veterans,don’t?
This isn’t fair.They have more possibilities than us.
We should all have it,after all,we have equal rights as players.
Please reply as soon as you can and hopefully make this available for everyone,not just new accounts.


Woah…this looks beatufull tbh.
That looks like kind of BD version.


Beautiful,ugly,it’s irrelevant.
What matters is that it’s unfair that only newcomers have access to such a feature,that helps advance like that.


This is obviously just testing at the moment.

I assume it will be implemented across the board if successful.


O no,not that word.
Aisan Jake paul uses that word.


Still kind of jealous I can’t test this new feature out xD


I know,I’d like it,too.
Especially the part where you can get legendary items.


@adashofSiren you’ll have to keep us updated and let us know what you think!


I’ve run out of my emails to make new accounts… I won’t be able to see this feature until it’s opened up all over the system… Veterans, etc…

And, yes, I have a few account which I use… Including school’s, mine (1st one), mine (2nd one), my dad’s (he used to play but he handed it to me), my mum’s (so did she), my brother’s (he plays Roblox now)…
This ain’t against the rules is it?


I’ll post more screenshots and give more of my opinion once I’ve done a little more messing around with it. It seems like a nice way for newer players to put in a little effort to help play catch-up with vets who have been playing for awhile.


Hahaha,an entire family that played SM and gave up :laughing:
I can relate why…


Yes,please keep us updated.Showcase what it consists of.


The gist appears to be (so far) that you start off with a Gold Mine and an Item Factory and then you have a headquarters. The HQ is used to upgrade to allow for not only your current structures to be leveled for better loot but the allowance of even more structures to be placed on that 10 space grid. And, for the chance at a Legendary item craft, you must get your Item Factory to level 20 first. Which entails also getting your HQ to an appropriate level to allow for such an upgrade. All of which takes coins and time, so not something I suspect a newer player to be generating Legendaries within their first week of playing or anything like that.

Edit: Also these accounts can no longer purchase Silver Boxes from the Item Boxes tab in Shop. Makes sense with the inclusion of the Base feature, but now it seems like it would really inhibit a newer player trying to upgrade his/her items in the early game.


Is currently being tested. A/B testing, that’s what Sarah said.


I can send you the link to her reply if you want.