BASE FACTORY SPEED UP with inentory full

If you didn’t know, you can speed up, Headquarters, Mine, and factory at 4:99, for free. You can also up speed up Headquarters and mine when inventory is full, yet you can’t with factory. You have to have space in inventory to speed up factory. So, basically you can’t have inventory full, to speed up factory. So, I’m not sure if TS did this or is it a bug. Either way, this should not be.

Yes, many probably think just keep space in inventory. Well, I like to keep it full, so I can save boxes and prepare for a massive upgrade.

@Sarah247 have this checked out, please. And maybe have this fixed.


JamAnime12, do you mean when you are already making parts in the factory and you have already no free slot in the storage and force you to collect when the factory already finished the batch made instead to create a silver box to save instead to upgrade a weapon to consume the new parts? :thinking:

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No… I’m explaining about the factory itself. Factory going from each lvl.

JamAnime12, got it. it does make sense now. yes, I think the same. Hmmm SM no bug.

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