♻ Base Building System vs Current System

Base Building System vs Current System

Pros & Cons


So the big question about this Update is …

Is it better to …

  • activate the Base Building System
  • stay with the current System

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:question: :question: :question:

Base Building System


  • specific Items Categories to choose (to let build)
  • additional chance of getting L-M items
  • additional Gold (minus higher Costs of Items)


  • no Silverboxes anymore
  • higher Gold costs for Items (200,000 Gold = 1 Epic)
  • slower upgrading Items

Current System


  • Silverboxes (cheap and all the time available Items)
  • lower Gold costs for Items (200,000 Gold = 3 Epics + 89 other Itmes)
  • faster upgrading Items
    (Campaign = 32,500 Gold = 17 Fuel = 15 items = 68 minutes)
    (1 Fuel every 4 minutes)


  • no specific Items Categories to choose
  • no additional chance of getting L-M items
  • no additional Gold (but no higher Costs of Items)

AFTER spending these 40,000,000 Gold and the half year …

Please all players help to find all Pros and all Cons about using the Base Building System :exclamation:

I will add all serious suggestions to help all players for their decison :exclamation:



You can get items overnight.

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Pro : Can get Legendary without tokens
Con: it may take very long time to wait, isn’t it?

I think for those players which no need take myth fast as possible because they have a big inventory and only need more chances on l-m items that can be good… but not for players which have not huge invenotory

Hope them spend tokens to buy the inventory and earn money,lol

You are guaranteed to get legendaries even faster over time as long as you are willing to grind for the gold , base is an even worse idea for you now that your account is cut off any possible connect to silver boxes
In summary : would you rather …

  • Gain guaranteed legendary overnight , but chances it will be L-M in return it takes you basically forever and ever to level up your stuff to max myth due to how you have to generate and wait for rares/commons ONE BY ONE
  • Old system , you are guaranteed to get legendaries after enough time , but L-M remained locked behind a pay wall or an insane amount of luck , the time of maxing and myting an item is like it’s current state

But how fast :question:

Current System :

32,500 Gold = 17 Fuel = 15 items = 68 minutes

with a very high chance for some Rares and a good chance for Epics

Base Building System :



i meaned items. For players which have a lot of mythed/divined items and which no need to make something fast and need only l-m items that can be good and opposite for players which have like 60 and lower count of myth/divine items


You mean Legendary/Mythical (L-M) :question:

Cos E-M are easy to make with Current System :exclamation:

Fortune Boxes are the chance to get L-M items :exclamation:

Are they also removed at the Base Building System :question:


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ofcourse , after 1000 boxes or so i will get a legendary , the chances are so high to just get platplates/UPCs/Magma blasts easily

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No, not “just get them easily”, but you have the chance to get them …

Got 4 or 5 Platinum Plates out of Fortune Boxes :exclamation:


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This sound not really better about the chance to get a L-M :exclamation:

I mean… you can have 4 factories right? Two for power kits and other two for items. I don’t know how long it takes but power kit shouldn’t be longer than 30 mins.

pog i do missclick
Base system looks shitty

You mean what happens if you do missclick? You can cancel and get coins back.

This missclick


Ok so lets get this straight …

Do YOU think tacticsoft / developers of SuperMechs (who have the totally clear math about, which System is better for the players) implement an Update which is …

    • better for the players
    • worser for the players

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Think about it, how often it was the case in the past :exclamation:



It’s not like we’ve tried the base yet or anything

You can click hide results and choose the other one.