Base blue rewards on crystal distribution


Right, so I’ve got an idea that might first of all promote fighting on eras.

If there’s say, 1260 crystal total on the world between the top 3 alliances, and the total reward of blues for the era is 7500 blues to be split between the top 3.

I can’t figure out how to make a table on this, if someone feels like editing go for it. But pretty much let’s say rank 1 has 866 crystals, rank 2 has 231, and rank 3 has 163 when era ends, then rank 1 would get 5155 blues, rank 2 would get 1375 blues and rank 3 would get 970 blues. Could even do it so that outside top 3 counts for the crystal total/blue reward as well, to accommodate eras where there are many competitors that last until the end.

If rank 1 were to get 100% of crystals, they would get 7500 blues and the rest would get 0. This seems harsh, but at the same time I’m hoping this would show rank 2/3/++ that they are in constant danger and that it might be better for them to strike first rather than to sit and wait until rank 1 comes for them and picks them off one at a time.

What do you think? [poll type=regular public=true]

  • Yes, sounds great
  • Yes, but with rank 2/3 still getting a minimum of 750/500 blues
  • Sounds good but I’ll explain how it would be better
  • No, current system is preferable


I like the idea. Would promote more warring overall. Rank 1 would be more apt to attack rank 2 and 3 without making deals and rank 2 and 3 would realize it’s smarter to team up against rank 1 to hold their stuff for end of era.


I can’t say I like the idea of crystals being the key to getting token rewards. M2 would probably be my best suggestion atm… With PLO finally dead by EzPz and Amer’s hands, but CK taking the crystals without ‘necessarily’ killing him. No hate toward Guard and his guys at all, I just think that if you want to base a token reward off of something, you should base it off kills. But of course, that has its own problems, like stat padding…


True, but don’t you think that if this system were to come into play then CK would not have been able to take (and hold on to those) crystals as easily because people would ascribe more importance to them?


This format would be perfect for m2 though, it means you have to step it up and go on another killing spree if you want those juicy tokens.
And therefor it would be doing exactly what it intended (creating more wars) and stopping those annoying battle hugs.


All the top alliances are allied to each other. Mainly friends so there wouldn’t be stabs anyway


Thats no fun



Yeah, no fun I guess.

And Milly, they took the crystals pretty quickly after PLO lost his last army… Idk. This idea may encourage fighting yes but I guess it throws politics out the window a bit. Maybe thats what BD needs? But I am still a bigger fan of the old decision. Tokens based on ranking has always worked to a good enough degree to not insight change. I like the idea of getting tokens for kills, OPs captured, etc… Thats what would encourage activity and warring, in my opinion.


Tokens are based on ranking at the moment yeah, but that doesn’t stop people from promising rank 2/3 to subs and “brother and sister” alliances. If the amount of blues you got for winning the era depended on how many crystals those subs etc end up with, there might be more incentive for the rank 1 alliance to want to kill rank 2 and 3, and therefore also for rank 2 and 3 to think beforehand about whether rank 1 will let them live in the end.

I don’t think it would solve the problem entirely, but it might at least nudge alliances in the direction of more war rather than ending with subs, and might nudge subs and “brothers and sisters” in the direction of man, I might get killed so I better strike first.

Edit: Obviously I’d prefer that blues were handed out on the basis of kills and the likes, I just think that is too easily abused…


Yeah… you do raise valid points ahah


This all sounds great, but there is one flaw. How would this compensate for different admin styles of how they put xtals around the map. For example Alex likes to put on average more xtals than any other admin on the map.


The count would be based on percentage, not based on actual crystal counts. So if there were 2000 crystals or 1000 crystals, it wouldn’t matter. What would matter is how much % rank 1 is holding in comparison to the world.

And there are no doubt some valid points against this idea as well. I’ve heard some argue (off this topic) that it could cause for even more elaborate battle hugs (as rank 2 and 3 could work out higher % for blues, etc). Some say that it won’t do anything to help as the mindset of players is the key to fixing (essentially that this won’t be what changes players mindset’s). As always people, always feel free to criticize and come up with other solutions :slight_smile: We’re always looking out and listening for what could help!


I find it hard to imagine the amount of crystal farming there would be if this were the case. Not a good idea Milan. :slight_smile:


Yea, too easy to be abused

I don’t trust this community sorry :disappointed_relieved:


This suggestion is :ok_hand:
i dont see where it fails

But yes it can be abused, which should result in an immediate ban!
Which is why our current rules should be enforced.

People can start fake wars, transfer xtals etc to distribute the crystals to get their planned amount of crystals and therefore tokens. But @Senatus’s suggestion makes it a even bigger pain and hence there are less chances of it being abused.
But this is only if the admins actually put effort instead of sending vague replies like " he’s clean "


I’ll take a look into things and see if he’s clean :smile_cat:


just hand out 10k to 1st place only. be done with it. that will fix the hugs.
0 reward for 2nd fixes all.


I like this. Also get rid of HOF so people stop being pricks about getting medals.


but then how will newbies get blues and gain some sort of headstart for an era they play in the future. or another idea could be each team aiming to win should have to have 2 newbies from AANC or something along that line?


All this does is create mindless snowballing for one alliance. They win the world, place when it restarts, boost 10K blues + reds, win the world again, repeat until they stop playing