Basalt Portal summary with Mordulec


Greetings Pilots,
I guess it is time to sum up my short comeback to this abysmall game… The item portals in the current for are absolutely disastrous… I grinded the basalt portal from the beginning, in the morning, afternoon, evening, and today in the morning. Spent a crazy amount of tokens for refills. I landed 5 basalts, but they are simply useless items no one will ever use. I DID NOT LAND A SINGLE LEGENDARY ITEM! Conclusions:

  1. Up till now item portals were those sweet spots free players could use to boost their legendary stocks. What are they now? Another feature designed to consume our tokens for nothing, like “premium” boxes and packs? I always kept repeating “save your tokens for portals, do not waste them on boxes, cause TS will rip your ass clean”. And now? Portals are thrash. Boxes are thrash. Packs are thrash. I say buy paints now, at least you will not be screwed over!

  2. How do I keep progressing in this game, @Sarah247? How am I going to build new mechs? I do not land any legendaries WHATSOEVER. What is your idea you can give me to make me play Supermechs more? Because right now I cannot even imagine changing anything in my setup. Swapping one item means a couple of months of grinding (first maxx an epic item and boost, then maxx it to l40 leg, then produce 5 legs, then fuse and maxxx a myth). It is an insane amount of work, and with these droprates it will be at least two months of playing. For ONE faqing item! Are you TS sick? Or sadistic?

  3. Do you notice that A LOT OF PLAYERS leave the game? Or at least change their attitude from competitive to “I do not give a faq any longer”? Are you blind and fail to understand that you do totally the opposite? We (the players) should be GIVEN A LOT MORE TO MAKE US HAPPY AND WANT TO PLAY ON! My story was i came back to the game for the porta. I thought that maybe, MAYBE I drop a good item (like a claw) and cheer myself up and rejoin my clan… But I did not receive anything worth keeping. If I ever thought about coming back, I am now cured of this sick idea of mine. @Sarah247, will you react to my post or ignore me like always?

If I come up with more conclusions, I will edit this post…


I also came back to this game only for the portal.
When I get horrendous drops I logged out instantly.


You’re right about point 1 and 2,and I strongly agree with point 3.Half the people in my former clan quit because of terrible updates,hardship and even impossibility to progress past a milestone,frustrating gameplay/unfair matches and many more.The game is going downhill and I can’t understand why the devs would want to intentionatelly destroy it piece by piece.
You see,I landed 6 legendaries this portal,one of which was,luckily,a Claw.Even so,I won’t forget how frustrated I was with every update,that gradually gave me more reason to quit.Even though this was a good portal for me,it doesn’t make up for the last 10 I wasted my time on,for the people I loved that now won’t even join the forum anymore,for the money I put…
I will keep playing for now,even though I took a couple weeks break and felt very good without it.I’ll play just because of this new chance I’ve been given for once.
But I understand how you feel,Mordulec.I was in the same situation,if not even more desperate.What is going on right here and now is not good,and will soon face a pretty sad ending eventually.
If anything,I’m with you on this one.


MEE TOO every dasy its going worser worser and even worser the end is near :(.


forgit to play that one, whoopsies


I didn’t even bother logging in and grinding…I gave up on this game


I believe TS wants boxes to be more viable, but… everybody is quitting and they haven’t changed anything. You better stay away for good.


yape, the portal before that I did 12 refills, 0 legendary!


I got 4-l-m’s and 1-e-m


Guys, I understand how you all feel, a few portals ago I actually didn’t bother grinding them at all, I all but gave up, I decided to participate in the most recent 2 portals and had good luck. I’m on the fence for two reasons, optimist in me says we get chances at free tokens and free legends and that’s pretty ok in my book. Pessimistic side in me says everything is about money, everything is expensive and everything keeps getting nerfed. I guess it boils down to how much I actually enjoy playing this game


I quit grinding them. My time is more valuable . I am finally in the final stages of I DONT CARE itis. The developers have taken the SM barge and sailed it right into the craggy shores of garbage town. The rate they did it was the only impressive feat .