Ban kim domingo

I think kim domingo is stoling my acc, i cant log into my acc with my google play acc my facebook and more, he is a bitch

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Kim domingo is a guy that helped me to be a good player

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Well hacking/Stealing isn’t possible unless you gave your password away. Didn’t you see the red text in every channel warning “Do not give your password to anyone”?

I’m pretty sure he could help you by TEXTING.

I never gave my password to anyone, even a real life friend that I’ve been with for 3 years.

Around 2016, 2 guys at my school started a fight, one guy got all of his items fused away because they shared account. Trust me, it was HORRIBLE. They got in trouble afterwards though.

I hope you understand that you are responsible for your own account.

Always think twice before you do something.


@Zarkares Sorry Angeline!


kim is not hacker and she is from philippines and btw look at your flag its from canada and kim is trying to help you and u trust her very much and how she will hack u? she is your friend and she help you alot i have a proff make a account then go to kim’s clan then look at your flag its from canada soo stop doing that she help you alot!

you said before to kim that im sorry kim its just because of epx(destroyer) or your friend he make my rank into rank 4 and epx(destroyer) is from canada and i think u make him play ur acc then he hack u so don’t do that kim will never hack

guys its real epx destroyer just hacked raditya kim meet epx and his from canada

Ohh NO, the real hacker is EPX! We must ban him!!

I have been knowed the real hacker, the hacker is EPX, i give my acc to him because he want to help me but he lied to me, so report him.

yeap he is the real hacker!!! so he must be get ban

Did you happen to give them your credit card and bank account info too???

YOU DON’T EVER give out account info for ANYTHING on the internet NEVER EVER NEVER EVER no matter how much they promise to help, give etc etc

I can help you… please give me your bank account info and credit card info… I put 5 billion USD in it. :slight_smile:

100% a true story for sure.


@ElijahPierre123 @ElijahPiere123

Hes not a hacker. That kinda thing pisses me off. When stupid people on facebook post something from their friend’s phone that was left unlocked and say “hacked by…” or when dumb people in Super Mechs claim to be hacked or call someone a hacker even tho they willingly gave their login info to that person. Hackers have skill. Both you and the person that stole your account are known as “idiots”. Not hackers.

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Calling someone a “hacker” after that … no more words needed :grey_exclamation:



When you play SuperMechs you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the game. By giving away your account details you have broken this and also ruined the game for yourself.

Hopefully for this game and future games you don’t give out your user details. Remember a friend on the internet can backstab you in a second.