Balkan Bandits Recruitment!


Hello everybody! I need active players for my new clan Balkan Bandits! You dont need to be from Balkan to be in clan.
Requirements are:

1.You must be at least rank 9.
2.Get 5 wins each day so 35 wins each season.
3.Be friendly dont be toxic :slight_smile:
Thats all for now! If you want to join reply to this post!


No rakija incentives over performance?


I see that you like rakija a lot dont you? :slight_smile:


You must stop drinking so much rajika @lordgorgon
Sometimes i cant say you are drunk or not :thinking:


Will not drink while visiting your country thats for sure… those moonshiners are killing a lot of people. Been a sad reading i had earlier today…


That’s nice
That means you will be safe to drive here
If you can drive well in mumbai ( the most crowded city in my country ) , that means you can drive well anywhere else in the world