Balancing Game +$ for normal colors


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No,what are doing?Nobody wants this.


@Tacticsoft want’s this, it is no troll, it will make them earn more.
And make the game more balanced.


That’s area for :

Crazy thoughts and ideas about supermechs

That’s my crazy thought about supermechs,
It have not to be liked.

They are :


They showed it with my refill buff idea.


What part of making the paint more expensive would balance the game!?




Decrease is better than increase.


Your ideas are pretty weird

I think you’re a P2W lol


Guys, just ignore him. He’s trolling. Shake my heading; I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy.


F#@% NO MAN that would make players pissed not to metion we all ready have those new paint skin


make people pay 500 tokens for red and blue color kits so that they wont paint their darn electric mechs red and their heat mechs blue >:(


you mean heat red and NRG blue right



Troll more.
We seriously don’t want this bs.


Yes, you wanna this :exclamation: :exploding_head:

GO get 750 tokens !


What a scam.


Fully agree. :slight_smile: :angry: