Balancing Campaign Pickups (Hit Point Repair)

Whenever I play a difficult campaign level, my success almost always depends on whether or not the pickups I get are for repairing hit points. What I mean is that a 50% repair to hit points is extremely helpful compared to the energy and heat pickups, which each only give a 25% increase to energy/heat cap and energy/heat regen/cooling. This is mostly because in a campaign level, not having enough hit points is the number one reason I get defeated.

My proposed balance to pickups is to make the hit point repair pickups actually increase maximum hit points by 25% instead of repairing by 50%. This would make it so the hit point pickups are closer in value to the energy and heat pickups. That way when playing a campaign, success is based more on how strong your mech is and less on what pickups you get.

Another reason I like this balance is that it makes campaigning more simple; it removes the need to decide when to use a hit point repair. In other words, this balance means that pickups are auto-applied because there is no need to choose when to apply a pickup since there is no advantage to delaying its use once acquired under the new max hit point increase. With that in mind, there also doesn’t have to be a box on the left side of the campaign screen for applying the pickups you’ve acquired (because they will have been applied on pickup). This space can then be used for a chat window or some other feature.

What about premium players who get a 20% increase in hit points for being premium? Actually, this would be to their advantage. Instead of receiving a 20% increase in hit points for being premium, they would get a 25% repair to their hit points after ever successful battle. That would make premium a lot more valuable and repairing a lot more special.

Sure, you may not like this because it just makes campaigning for non-premium players harder. I myself am not a premium player, but I like this idea because it balances the campaign. Honestly, I hate when I get a pickup only to find it is for energy or heat and not for that oh-so-valuable and overpowered 50% hit point repair.

Let me know what you think of this balance!

  • I love this idea! It makes sense to balance it this way.
  • I like this idea. Wouldn’t benefit me at all, though.
  • I don’t like this idea. I like my repairs.
  • I hate this idea! It doesn’t make any sense and I don’t want to pay for premium.

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This would be very good, even though it needs a bit of balancing. And I like the idea of chat box. But, will energy and heat pickups get removed?

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So…that means if you start at 1,000 HP, then you get hit by 300 HP (700/1,000 HP so ^^), and you get a HP pickup, it would make your HP bar at 700/1,250 HP, or am I missing something ? ^^


Great question. To clarify, no; energy and heat pickups would remain as they are. This balance would just make it so that picking up a hit point increase would be almost as beneficial as picking up an energy or heat pickup. It also makes sense that all pickup boosts would be 25% across the board. I hope this answers your question.

Great question, YGGM. I was thinking about this same thing right after I posted this. I think, per your example, if you start at 1,000 HP, get hit to 700/1,000 HP, and then get a HP increase pickup, your HP would be at 950/1,250 (700+250/1,000+250). I guess this does make it sound like a HP increase/repair combo, but it still accomplishes the purpose of making pickups more equally beneficial.

Also in this case, premium members would still get a 25% repair after each successful battle. In the above example, a premium member would finish the battle at 700/1,000 HP and immediately get a repair to 950/1,000 HP. Then after a pickup, their HP would be 1,200/1,250 (700+250+250/1,000+250). I hope this makes sense.

Prem players have 25%'s HP in heal ?!

I though it only increases the cap…

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Ah, yes. You are correct. But as described above, the 25% heal would be an additional balance change that would take the place of the 20% increase in HP cap. I added that change because I feel that a repair is more valuable than a HP boost, so premium would become more valuable. Idk, maybe they could have both?