Balanced introduction of new items

I like the occasional new items, but it would be awesome if they were somewhat balanced. We’ve had multiple op heat items, three crappy phy items, and one really good energy drone. Heat is already the strongest type so it would be awesome if there could be some kind of balance to the new items instead of just buffing heat all the time.


the heat strong? , currently the energy take the mother to anyone, one thing is that they are not able to beat the mech that do not use it, look at the tops there are more energys than heat, the ones that are adapted to resist them, the energy is already powerful In case you want more, physical needs more buff than energy.


Heat doesn’t received any OP items. It received okay items.


look at the tops there are more energys than heat

Right now, 7 of the top ten are heat, 2 are energy, and 1 phy.


yesterday 2 were heat and the other energys, as I told you they adapt to fight but that does not say they are op
if you look at your weapons they do not use energy, that does not mean it’s op

if you look at your weapons they do not use energy, that does not mean it’s op

Sure, that by itself does not mean it’s op. But it becomes op gradually when more and more heat items are added with nothing added to energy or phy to balance it out.

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What other item needs energy? you already have the valiant, bunker shell, ash creator … the energy itself has an advantage, it is balanced with items that do not use energy so they attack even if you are in 0 of energy ,the physicists recently increased the spartan, but if it is true that there are not many options, they need more items than energy.

I’m not sure what most of that means. I’m guessing you’re a heat mech though and you just want to win every fight. The idea that only heat should ever get new stuff makes no sense. While val is op and needs a nerf, it’s also the only energy wep that can really compete. If you took away Val, no energy mech would ever get above rank 3 for very long unless they had like 3 or 4 bunkers. If you took away any one heat wep, on the other hand, heat would still have 4 or 5 more that they could use to get to rank 1.

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you exaggerate a bit with that, if the weapon in x case were super effective ONLY IF it would be by carelessness of the opponent to not put the necessary heat / cooling, you have to have balance, another point to emphasize the build energy in general focus on having more energy You can not say heats are op if you do not prepare to fight with them.

Heat and physical always have the most in the top 10, but somehow people still say energy is the strongest.

Right now I would say the strongest are high energy physicals. But what do I know…

I will be sincere I am in rank 3 and if you want I show you how they give me a beating, those who are in the tops do not use energy so they have no problem.

Nah. Unless you’re energy and have dual val the only way to prepare to beat heat mechs reliably is to either be a heat mech, or use so many heat mods that you’re weak af against phy and energy. You need at least 600 heat and 300 cooling to beat top level heat mechs. You don’t need even close to that much energy and regen to beat energy mechs, and if a heat mech can shut down a phy mech, they only need about 1800 hp, which is easy to get.

Besides, I could just as easily say that if you want to beat phy and energy then you need to prepare to beat them too.


Yes, dual val is op. You you have screen shot of an energy mech that does not have dual val beating a top level heat mech? Plus, that heat mech only had 323 energy, of course it lost.


that replay is my mech, you see that the heats are not op if I had not won .-.

He got lower energy for more HP and Resistance.
So that amount of energy is to be expected on a heat mech which focuses on being able to take higher direct damage.
Therefore what you are saying is:
“Of course if the heat mech is not specialized against energy it will lose against energy mechs. But If a heat mech is specialized against energy like with 400-500 energy + 200+ energy regeneration then that heat mech can beat even top ranked energy mechs.”

So to that my response:
“Exactly, if a mech is SPECIALIZED against another type then that mech will have high win rates against such mechs. But in exchange a specialized mech will have lower win rates against other types.”

For example a heat mech specialized against energy as you speak of will in exchange have lower HP and therefore can be easier defeated by physical mechs focused on high damage with good heat storage and cooldown.
So should the users of such heat mechs complain that physical mechs are the strongest or even “too strong” just because they themselves lose to those physicals?

Well, as I see it, you complain about heat because you lose to it and can’t accept that fact.

If you use a physical mech or an energy mech and lose to heat mechs then why do you not simply add heat engines to your mech to counter the heat mechs?
That is the same principle that you just spoke about with this:

So why do you not simply follow your own indirect advice by adding more modules to counter heat types?


Heat is in now way OP. It is crippled by the lack of available L-Ms, and has low HP pool.

All you need to counter it is Windigo / Zarkares and 2 heat modules. You end up with ~400 heat cap and ~200 cooling, which is enough to provide good protection vs. heat. I think you mean you need 600 heat cap to fight a heat mech without being shutdown. Speaking of shutdown, it easily resets what the heat mech did the last turn.

The new weapon from the item portal helps bridge the gap between F2P and P2W heat mechs to some degree. I’m actually happy that they got a new weapon – they need it.

As for low HP, heat mechs need high energy and high heat to deal with other heat mechs and energy mechs, resulting in only 1-2 plates being used.

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Untrue, my friend. Currently, heat and energy are acuually pretty balanced against each other, with 1 side being able to counter the other. The only thing that is the problem is that the physicals are too weak, thus breaking the system and fracturing all sides.

What you guys have missed is the energy mech in those screen shots had dual val. Dual Val is op. We all agree on that. But that’s the only way energy can compete is with dual val. Without dual val, that energy mech would probably be around rank 4 or 5 no matter what weps he used in place of dual val. So yeah, against dual val, you’re probably gonna lose. But you only need about 400 energy and 200 regen to beat all energy mechs that DO NOT have dual val. That’s practically the definition of unbalanced

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Yea, well 400 heat and 200 cooling is needed to beat heat mechs with non premium items too, so its balanced.
THink about it, energy weapons subtract more energy each hit, and heat weapons do less heat damage but have a more profound effect, so it works out.