Balance the Levels


In old super mechs there were 30 levels and its balance.But in new super mechs there are 150 levels, but the balance is the same as is the old super mechs.You should change it so it makes the game more interesting and fun
But for that you will need more items so I suggest you to bring back the legacy items or add the Campaign 2.0


lmao they’re 150 levels


lol (20 characters left)



what do you mean


Something with waffles i think.


No legacy items now, just reloaded ones


You want campaign 2.0 and more weapons?
Déjà vu!!!

And what do you mean by the levels?


Blame on aliens


Can you even balance levels?
Dude,what do you mean?
I couldn’t understand nothing…


Don’t worry, that’s my bro… he’s thinking like, you reach level 30, and is just like you reached level 150. Something like that. Eeez, even I can’t explain that. he’s forever single, so he went mad…just kidding :3


So, you’re saying that, in the old SM players can reach a maximum of level 30.

In reloaded, 150 is the maximum level, but reaching that level is just like reaching level 30 (basically reaching max level through exp gain)

So what you’re trying to say is, higher level players should be able to get legacy items? And a second Campaign should be added to make the game more interesting?


Well, I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the longer version of my Campaign 2.0. I think the shorter version would be better. And bringing back legacy items… NO. Maybe just adding new ones.


im saying that legacy items should be back coz i see no fucking reason to remove


I see no reason to revive.
Please,my dude,get over Legacy…
It’s been months already.