''badge'' reward IDEA!

So we all know everyt ‘‘badge’’

There should be rewars for eac badge !

Like 100 coins for 1 energy drain / overheat

300-500 coins for an shutdown

500 coins for a overkill

1k coins for one ultrakill

Then there should be MONSTERKILL , if you do -300 damage , which will give you 2K coins.

double every badge reward if you are doing the daily missions


Genius idea. I surprised of this!

theyre achievements x that and theyre a lot
i guess you only want to see badges on ur acc without being top? i like the idea but i dont think it would be applied

Just to know, how many coins for a Bullseye ? ^^

That actually slipped out of my hand . 3k perhaps?

those “kill titles” arent something to reward
theyre on game to compensate the low action and regular animations
that way player feel game interesting, its more a psicological/marketing move

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