Bad translations. Improper expressions

Today when I connected to the game and entered the 3x3 campaign I saw a message in Spanish “Te la voy a dar hasta que revientes” ( “I’m going to give you until you burst.”)

Honestly, I don’t know if translation is automatic or if someone translates the expressions into different languages. But you have to be a little careful with this. The expression is strong, it´s violent, aggressive, it´s even an expression that is usually framed in cases of gender violence. “I’m going to bust you” is too hostile for a game.

Be careful with the translations. It doesn´t fit.


We are living very violent times in every way. Please don´t promote violence in competitive games. Competition is not aggression.


“I’ll smack the mech out of you”


Right. “I’m going to hit you until you burst”, that would be the correct translation. It is sad but it is the phrase that violent people usually say in 90% of cases.

At least in the Spanish language they are not the right words for a competition game, not even for a game of luck. Isn´t even frequently words used when people are angry. You can send someone to shit, but not threaten violence.

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It is a battle game :exclamation:



Hm… We can’t really escape the in-game toxicity, Be it in a away or another.
Guess what! Peoples are jerks and will show their immaturity, these unneducated buggers should get themselves some brain cells and play the game! and enjoy it.
Is that too hard? ( ò_ó) c’mon


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I think it is not a translation error. it is an error of the interpretation of You subconscious (erotic mind :japanese_ogre: ). the game is likely to say I will give you until you burst “the axe, the sword, the heat bomb.” in mind that it is Spanish from Spain and that expression is used for everyday things.

whats the proper english translation

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Everyday things…
Like what?

“prepare to be broken”

most cringiest sentence ever


Subconscious nothing! In Spanish, if you tell someone that you are going to give it to them until it bursts, it is because you feel a visceral hatred towards someone or you have an important degree of aggressiveness.It is more aggressive than sending him to “la puta que lo parió.”

I mean, that’s why I say you have to take care of the translations. It may be that in English or in any other language, this expression is not interpreted in the same way. In Spanish-speaking countries it is quite aggressive. We are not talking only about the literal translation, but what it means to us.

I was surprised to open the campaign and read the phrase, therefore if it´s surprising, there is something out of place with that.


I’m just here to say that this thread seems to have touched a tensed stress point, and could become a slippy ground easily…

That’s all

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good point, but i olny joking nothing personal.

TS should use french words for swearing because it’s sweet “like wiping your *rse with silk”:

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what are you talking about? they had Russian workers in the team and we have a year of this mess!

on really, should be so…

and this is just 1 example! look at the manual, do we have cartridges in the game? no!
look at the tips in the game? they are still from the previous version, which by the way I did not play!
And you want a good translation))

oh yes, I wrote about this to tech support, I indicated how and what needs to be changed so that it would be correct, but they do not care!


yes, that makes sense!!