BackBreaker bug


Hello guys i found bug.If you had back breaker and start some mission on auto pilot,your mech will hit opponent with back breaker and bug shows.


That happens with any sword.


Idk man, I say keep it that way.

It adds some entertainment value to a lifeless game. :slight_smile:


So far i know it only happens when your enemy is using anything that get you in range with you melee weapons.


ahahahahaahahahahaahahah! thats entertainment.


When you break your back :point_right: :sunglasses: :point_right: where the name for the item comes from.


The back breaker always give me a bad time when i encounter someone with it. It’s also the hardest hitting melee weapon too. But i really like that name -.-


R.I.P. logic, torso is falling from legs ;/


ha, thats a good one lol XD :laughing: