Back to school yay


tomorrow i’m off to school again and for all the people who are still in school.
so yay or not yay but okay any ways its sad school/the insanity must start again
just felt like i had to say that so yah
by the way just wondering who is still in school who not


Yeah I’m going back to the grind myself tomorrow as well -_-


I am still in school. I joined art class.


oh thats nice i’m taking a ceramics class


Used to take a visual arts class, but now I’m taking a business economics class.


thats nice you know thats needle tool you use in ceramics some one before me sharpened it and when i was using it. it slice a straight clean cut right across my palm and it was bleeding quite a bit


skips school 2 times

Still regrets it


In some ways I actually miss going to school, but other times I remember how much it sucked


a really weird thing when you leave school and miss some good parts of it


In Korea, I am pretty sure they still have Winter Break. Their Winter breaks last a month.


Damn i had to go on 2nd day of january already


not on my country im 15 years old and the school are back at february on my country yay