Back in the game!


Hi there, i am Killa for 2nd time :joy: i just got my account back after months. I hope game is much better now. So… i realise from long time that in game are… lets say ”Silly players”:sleepy: (not refering to someone in special) but i think the mistake is mine, becouse i trust and gived my accounts on a ”person hands” . Now i will not do this again. Just saying that last months in game wasent me in my account. So… im back.
Name in game : LinoX Gzack RxF


Welcome Back! :slight_smile:


Welcome back! :smiley:


Hey, welcome back!


welcome back
you’ve probably missed a LOT!


Thank you :sunglasses: :sunglasses::hugs:… …


Thank you, yes i think i did mised a lot :hugs:


Thanx you :hugs::sunglasses:… … .


Thank you :hugs::slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses:


no problem, if you need help with the new top items and other stuff feel free to ask around
here’s some important posts to keep in mind:

these will help you get to the top ranks