B**** I'm fabulous


Hello my children. 'Tis I, everyone’s favorite SM top player.
A quick run down of myself if you don’t already know much about me.
I’m 18. I live in NY, USA, but due to the ever present dangers of JackTownley, I may have to relocate soon. If I stop posting it means I’ve either commited suicide or Jack got to me first.
I’m a full time college student. I like to draw, sing, write short stories, poems, raps, songs, and on occasion reading a good book. I’m heavy into martial arts. I’ve practice or have practiced: Kendo, fencing, muay thai (probably my favorite unarmed MA along with boxing and TKD), Krav maga, Akaido, Taekwondo, boxing, kick boxing, MMA and the works. When I’m not striving to be the best SM player, I’m probably out training. Or it’s finals week, in which case keep me in your prayers.
I try very hard to be friendly to everyone, except the people who hate me… idgaf about them. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I’m always up for friendly games, chatting, discussion or helping others.
If you want to get to know me better just feel free to hit me up or add me on the face book.


Ok but my question is when you will be crossing over to Battle Dawn?


Not everyone is lame enough to play BD kaen :frowning:


Lol this actually reminds me how we(BD players) used to influence the SM players to play BD back then when the server population had hit an all time low.


Am I like known over there on BD or something?
I’ll probably start when I hit my twenties and lose all my patience with SM. Hopefully my sanity will be intact.


well, no matter what condition your sanity is in when you start playing BD, you will completely lose it after a few eras.


Sounds like oodles of fun.


If you call not sleeping and getting woken up while your sleeping and being called while your sleeping and not sleeping fun then BD is for you :slight_smile:

Jokes aside it’s a pretty unique and fun game, check it out y not :see_no_evil:


If you like Martial Arts, stay away from BD!!! :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll become fat and tired all the time (aka never leave your computer). Nah, jk, BD is fun. Just tiring. Unlike SM, it’s just… constant. Anywho, welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy it here :slight_smile:


You also have bullies like Josh here :disappointed_relieved:, changing my hard earned title that I got from flufferz :rolling_eyes:


I’ve played BD for years and I’ve turned out fine




HI Dead_Outside
Do you like Diamond Shells? :joy:


Bad luluu. Go away. :unamused:


Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay.


.>Turned out fine

:eyes: yea right


Ive been here longer than u have.


lol …

Check BD man … what is in SM? pretty easy to play! Try a hard one :smiley: Usually u have to be patient in BD for good result … But it will depend on how much u can give it in :wink:


BD suck ass …

Dont tell him to go there :wink:


he heh heh …


Never! and less if you force me :relaxed: