Ayyy i got my sec myth!

I am fast boi! And i made it by making a sec mythical like you guys have told me!

But there is one thing…what should i myth next? (Look at my pic and tell me thx)


cool mech :upside_down_face:

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Myth Archimonde pls thx

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Rocket king?

Well i kinda miss only one thing…

Forgot what’s it called…it’s not supreme lol


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I only need that thing soo i can use Zark and make a rocket king!


But not now because i lost all my money lol

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I want to build rocket king aswell :stuck_out_tongue: but i’ll be needing a supreme cannon

Hey man awesome brutality mech .
I think that the currpt light will do the job for now

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Ty. i don’t know if i will still use corupt light.
I’ll probably see in the future.
Pls tell me cause you are an terminator lol

No I am just a veteran who has 56 legendaries and a mythical torso

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Wait I wrote a mistake actually make 49 distributed in 6 accounts 11 in one 9 in one 6 in one 23 in one and rest randomly distributed if you want one I will give it away but it has only 2 legendares

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Nah you take it…i aint usin someones account.


But tbh i will be more happy if it is heat edition

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The desert snake sucks, That weapon though is my dream to get, I need it to make a second Physical mech, So lucky you got one…

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Oh…well i will wish you luck geting that item

off topic
I love dat gif xD
Tf2 Scout xD

Off topic guys…let’s avoid off topic talk yeah?

It is my fault but still.

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Raining legendary

you should myth next… abomination, CL or savagery