Awesome Idea! :D


It would be good if you make a Test Room that we can test our Mechas. :slight_smile:


You mean test in some other way besides private battles in chat that do not count for ladder?

What would such a test consist of?

Seems a good idea if it was complemented with a “wishlist” mech storage…

I mean if we had a way to try builds with items we currently DO NOT possess in our inventory and could save
such builds for reference or show off.


Exactly…Test beside Campaign and Chat Battles,and only parts from inventory.So we will better know is it good or not.If we have all parts which we dont have,it would be messy and make peoples mad,because they dont have it.So less you know about parts,its more good. :slight_smile:


so both of you miss the craft system… “test parts than you have or not to know it and see if you need it”

the training room its posible, the game has a sparring mech (the blue one on campaing who give you gold only for 5 turns of battle)

but, give us a training rom has 2 problems:
-wil need another programed screen like a battle system
-and will need his own shop system to pick the items and put it on mech like a test (like the old shop)

and, the worst: will make the game like a dressing game!!! jajaja iuk :cry:


Not needed. U have campaign and people in chat to challange.


yup i like that idea


And only test in the chat


What you want is a sandbox mode!


pls allow this topic to rest in peace already. Stop reanimating