Avoid portal, it is a waste of tokens!

I just want to warn all players against losing tokens for refills in the portal. In fact I strongly suggest grinding Ramboy. WHY? Simple answer: 11 runs, 2 boxes. TWO! Thank you, @Mohadib, for great event! You guys at TS still did not change the way of thinking?
But we are not dumb. And I seriously believed that last time we made some breakthru and that we will be able to finally start talking… TS, you are just following Pixonic path…


El como discriminan a los físicos, no tiene precio, más armas basura que nadie quiere

What are you surprised? It’s long overdue to get used to - the usual deception and degreasing of player pockets.


you guys complain a whole lot. let me give you a tip


Mordulec, we produce different portals to address different segments of players, in different power levels and in different stages.

This is why some of them are harder (addressing stronger, more advanced players) and some are easier (addressing mid level or even low level players just starting out). This is why some of them give Rare items and some give Legendary ones.

Your assumption ALL the portals are built for players in identical stage to yours is wrong and with respect, mostly indicate you are completely blind there are (many) other players in other stages that benefit from these.

It’s one thing to say “This portal fits lower levels players and isn’t interesting for us high level players, make some portals for us too!” and it’s a different thing - and very disrespectful - to “warn” players against a portal and declare we in Tacticsoft need to “change our ways”.

Not saying you’re doing this on purpose, but maybe this negative sentiment that is completely blind to low and mid level players is what makes most of them avoid actively participate in this forum? Just a thought.


Cuando arreglaran los drones físicos no usen energía, llevan 3 meses sin arreglar eso…
When they fix the physical drones do not use energy, they have been 3 months without fixing that …

thank you for your post, Mohadib. I am one of those low-level players and i am able to run this portal on insane. something i havent been able to do with any previous portals. and i have got some good drops from it.

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Tbh, this whole game is a waste of tokens…

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and tokens are a waste of moneys. if you have tokens you got for free, oh well. use em.

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Mohadib … few times I write directly to you. I don´t have as much confidence to talk to you as I had with Alexander and recently with Sarah.

The same I need the answer to 2 questions:

  • What are the chances of obtaining the legendary version of this weapon in the portal? In which mode, normal, hard or insane?

  • What are the statistics of this weapon to full +50 mythical? I cannot look for something, if I don´t know what I’m looking for.

Thank you. N.



well, i can understand Wep about Alexander. hes an amazing person that is very easy to talk to and get along with. Sarah on the other hand, seems to have a very negative personality. idk Mohadib and have never spoken to him. Ilona was very fun to talk to and easy to get along with. she perfectly enveloped the title Master of BDSM (she had somewhat of a playful and funny personality. and she was an admin of BD AND SM)

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Alexander dabest meng.

Ok now I am interested.


I mean not to be rude , but the portal is crap
you guys make anything p2w to obtain money , like with the repulser and now this , you guys cut the tiers.

If you are adding a new weapon , make the tiers go fron rare-epic to mythical , so anyone can have great and strong items eithout donating its ridiculous at this point…


I’m not saying that the portal is bad, because thanks to this portal today I was able to max an article.

What I do say, is that if you really want to help people from lower levels, make this weapon that can be obtained in portal can be taken to mythical.

Because what happens next is that, those who can buy tokens will have access to the legendary version and those who cannot, will keep the epic. Then it´s very difficult to someone who does not buy, to leave the lower levels.

I mean, if you really want all people to have the opportunity to go up.


:dizzy_face:I’ll just say, poor alexander and sarah for having to put up with such a shrimp.:astonished:

i have bad news brothers.
but you need to be strong alex and sarah
this “member” wrote again 20 times today (only in the morning).
there are still 20 in the afternoon
and maybe
at the night 20 more…

I’ve seen that guy before, but I don’t remember his name.

It’s a good source of tokens. Though, I don’t use tokens to replenish energy.

I give them one run, at least…

There probably are some portals that are not worth grinding for inventory, since they are targeted at low-level players. But hey, a few additional tokens for new campaign completed ain’t that bad.

So, keep sending out those new portals. Just be wise in choosing which to use tokens on. Most, are probably not worth spending tokens on, as @Mordulec mentioned.

Hi @Mohadib, I am grateful for you response, and once again, before I start refering to your answers, let pe put that straight — any time I converse with you I have a strong intention of building RAPPORT AND RELATIONSHIP with TS based on understanding OUR (i.e. YOUR CUSTOMER) needs and expectations,
and to some extent MUTUAL RESPECT (I try to respect you guys,
and I think I try it much harder to respect you than you try to respect us).
I am 100% sure that it is only through mutual talks (round table meetings,
so to speak) that we can improve the gameplay for the benefit of the entire playerbase AND TACTICSOFT, TOO! Now, coming to the point:

Let’s imagine a situation: a low level player who still learns the ways of the game sees your advertisement and thinks “WOW, some super awesome weapon I can kill enemies with! And the portal is only 24 hrs, I need to grind my ass off!” So he just plays like crazy, BECAUSE:

  1. He does not know that the ultimate reward from the portal is totally useless! Maxxed Annihilation shreds 15 resistance (300+ DMG), Nightfall 11 (340+ dmg), and DRONES(sic!!) shred 5 (Greedy even 10). So what is the point of even considering mounting the weapon that deals 17 dmg and 9 res?? You immediately put such a player at an disadvantage, because he might not know that this weapon is useless, and what is worse, he will invest resources (fusion and gold) to maxx it!!! It is a total waste.
  2. The same player might have an impression that the portal is a special event and grinding it will reap him special benefits (better boxes, more gold etc.). AND IT IS JUST NOT THE CASE! ON THE CONTRARY. Yesterday I lost total of 60 tokens just to check how the portal compares to the regular Ramboy mission. AND IT IS OF NO MATCH - I.E. IT IS MUCH WORSE. So the same 60 tokens would yield me much more items, if I kept grinding Ramboy. Now imagine that these 60 tokens are all tokens the low-level player has, and he invests them to BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN HIMSELF AND TOP PLAYERS. Now we arrive at the fundamental question - who is disrespectful here: me, who tries to clear all doubts, based on empirical tests (11 runs, only 2 boxes), which can be used by all players to judge if it is worth their investment, or TACTICSOFT, who lures players into believing that this weapon is awesome, and the whole portal is awesome, which in fact is not the case?

How this porta filts the needs of low level players??? By yielding them shitty weapon that can help them stay on that low level for ever?? Or by preventing them from landing boxes, so that they do not run the RISK of landing a good epic weapon, like Annihilation, Malice Beam, Last words, or whatever current meta has it…? I am sorry, @Mohadib, but with all respect, it is TS that is disrespectful. And I am not the only one who thinks this way. And if I am wrong, let the community decide and I will just shut up for ever.