Autopilot should be genius


Tacticsoft make the autopilot a bit genius i mean it does foolish moves that you cant even think .Just make it trustworhty


What do you mean by foolish moves?


Oh…well yeah.
If this would happen then autopilot winning procent will be +5%
That would be great.


Hatebluemechs is here?
Yeah,just a few hours ago my mech died in campaign because the autopilot pulled the drone instead of using a weapon(if it used a weapon I won)


off topic
I though you left Hate.


It’s supposed to be stupid, if you want to get difficult missions done, do them yourself


Yeaaaah no, The AI does the best move possible, That’s a genius yet predictable so… Yeah, It’s a genius yet predictable thing


no i was just viewing instead of using backbreaker it used red wall do you call this a good move


Yes thats the point thats i am trying to make you guys think.


Tactical strategies, If the enemy shuts down you’ll get a extra move and if you use Back Breaker you’ll do massive damage though that’s it


Yea, i’m agree with u saying autoplay option isn’t so clever…
But i’m ok with it, so we have to manually play at difficoult levels or when it’s needed.


I posted a similar thread about AI function and my thoughts on it a day or so ago. I am glad that others are bringing this subject up, thanks for creating the new thread on it.

I agree, the AI should at least know to use the best weapons in groups to get fights done, be smart enough to tport out of face o face when dragged in, and maybe even be smart enough to deploy the drone when it serves best, not just to get the first shot off.