Automatic Rewards


I believe worlds that end should automaticly give players rewards and go into havoc, as seeing admins have been inactive. joe was stuck in a ditch drunk for a week, mike hasnt been on in a while. Like in G1 rn its been in pause mode for around 16 hours


I realise it’s irritating to have to wait, however this is exactly why the automatic pause has been implemented. It gives the admins time to check up to see whether everything is okay and whether to end the era without the players perhaps losing relics in the meantime.


Tbh the wait is very rarely longer than a day after the era ends , so not a big issue.


See it like this: The era restarts the same time as always (when the admin checks), but nobody is negatively affected based on the admins’ login time anymore.

I could absolutely make it fire havoc too - but then the admins wouldnt be able to punish cheaters in the last ticks :frowning:


Have cheaters ever been punished before. I msged the admin about farming in G1. i hope he punishes lol


its not just havoc. they should be able to set up triggers, like “tick 550 finally fkn release the relics on E4, on these coords (insert coords of my alliance)” instead of having to wait for Tom to wake up