Automated Relics


As we know, end of eras is automated. When the final relic reaches 100 control ticks, the era pauses and is over. I feel an automated system for relics should also be implemented. At some point between ticks 500 and 600 a round of 5 relics should be released, then again between ticks 900 and 1100 another wave should come. Randomly of course, but GUARANTEED between those tick frames.

Reasoning? Well, there has been a lot of admin discretion lately. That is from F1. Relics “soon” To be released at tick 341. Look at the tick, still no relics. M1 had a similar issue. We were granted no relics until tick 600, at which point 2 dropped, fallowed at tick 630 by another 2. The admin told us that when M2 had reset, while it was paused, the other 6 would be released. Never happened. Furthermore, Had the relics been released at tick 500, while we were still at war with GeNs (about 300 power behind us) We would have gotten 2 or 3, and they would only have gotten 1 at most, and this would have given us a big advantage. This is why he held out on releasing the relics.

Now, the event era is a different beast but nonetheless first info of relics was told to us on tick 430. Later on, Theo announced “relics tonight” on March 30th. Now it is April first, and his BC time-table has run out, and STILL no relics have been released.

These games of if and when are sort of tiring. Would it not be a much better system to implement relics being automated as is the end of era?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2]

  • Yes
  • No
  • Kael is stupid for not being able to figure this out



And as a wise man once said, [quote=“princekael2, post:30, topic:345”]
Deal with it, as players always had


I am dealing with it. This is the solution. Nothing I do in-game can make relics appear any faster. That (taken out of context) Is easily solvable in-game through better play.


You just have to please the admins :stuck_out_tongue:


*sexually pleasure the admins

i did that with Simen, and he performed very well. i guess it does work


sup brainless noobs from what i can see when relics are released they are released manually by admins (units crystals etc) so to make automated i am guessing will make less variety in the era i remember however some eras ago joe used to release relics with protection which was nice so maybe thats a better solution than ur stupid one kael


I’ll reply first to the overall idea - automated relic release can be a useful tool, but perhaps not quite in such a rigid scale as you suggest. I can see an advantage to an admin being able to preset releases during time zones that would normally be unlikely for them, but I’m not sure fixed-period releases would add to the game. Different eras run at different speeds, and I think being able to adapt to that is important.

As for F1 and M1 (and, indirectly, M2), I have to find a balance and pace for releases to spread out reset times. It can be more of an art than a science at times, but the basic idea is to have a soon to reset or recently reset world at all times, as those are the most appealing for new players.

I broadly aim to release the first batch of relics (4-6) somewhere around tick 500, with any intermediate and final batches around 1000 (or a little earlier on faster progressing eras). I feel like my broadcasts have reflected that, and perhaps I should stray away from ‘soon’, as it means different things to different people, and ‘tomorrow/tonight’, as many players are in American and Asian time zones, so they may have a very different idea of tonight/tomorrow as me, based in the UK.

M1 will see its final releases tonight (I’m usually in favour of weekend releases where possible, as more players seem to be active the ) and F1 will see major relic drops over the coming week.

Edit: somebody mentioned protected relics. We are able to do that, but I’ve had mixed responses. Might try some for F1 though.


Kael - Theo said ‘relics today’ at tick 509. If you give him 72 ticks, then it expires at tick 581. Its currently tick 577. Chillax