Autodefeat on Mission 4

On the first fight in the mission even though I defeated the mech, it resulted in a Defeat for me.

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okay that is a new one. never heard of an auto defeat

How do I defeat that fight since it results in a Defeat even if I defeated the mech.

This should be in the Bugs and Issues section. Just sayin’.

done, unless @TinkJinx wants me to undo what I did ^^

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Thanks, and it’s weird that this happened to me. Basically I was trying to progress campaign like normal but the first fight in Mission 4 even if won can’t actually be won q.q.

Mission 4 in which zone ?

Scav’s Pass, Dry Land, Overlord’s Den, etc ^^

exactly i wanna test and see for myself

The first zone mission 4, The Dry Lands.

I’ll try if I have enough fuel ^^

Mission completed in Insane, swithching to Hard

This is odd, the mission now has a different enemy compared to the enemy I faced before,

The enemy I faced before was called a Exploder (twin swords mech) as the first fight now its a tank type enemy which I actually has a Victory and not a Defeat.

It happens when you reset your account.

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But its my 1st account no resets o.o


everything worked for me. i did all 3 modes and did not get a defeat

You didn’t face the Exploder (which was a Auto-Defeat even if I defeated the mech), it got replaced by the actual enemy I was suppose to defeat which was a Buggy.

Yes, only people who reseted their accounts gets this issue.

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OH! ok i see the problem now.

R.A.S. here…never saw an Exploder with Twin swords…

And victory at all difficulties without problem

I never resetted before, I hadn’t heard of this game until someone mentioned it on another website.