Auto Pilot is awesome!

Greetings, Pilots!
Auto Pilot is awesome! I can grind coins while having fun in WOT:


RUDY :sunglasses:

a gdzie pies? :eyes:

Kapitan saakaszwili

indeed , previously i never used my fuel properly and now i use it to 0 , its cool , i like it.

I thought you appreciated this ‘awesome’ update at first looking at the title

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Actualy bro Mord i like it alot.
The cap was decreased, but you get the same energy within the same time frame.
You just kmlog in 2 times as much as befor.
And you get autopilot that just grinds for you.
Sure the drops are low… sure the refill got higher… but in the end is the right way to go because:

  1. This is a portable game, so it adresses casual players more that dont sleep in front of a screen for 6-9hours/day.
  2. It has pay to win things in it, so if you eant valiant sniper, bunker shell and myth hp plates or other OP sheet… you pay.
  3. There is a good and easy way to inprove,with less headache to do it.
  4. Diversity of option for grind
    4.1 you want gold… farm BB… want items farm ramboy, want something in between… farm othe bosses/mission.
    4.2 want to get the best out of farm… farm without autopilot.
  5. I really enjoy it, because it fragments the game into sessions… and gives you things for less time consumed in it… like 4 times more.
  6. Evry now and then you pick up a random fortune box(5% of the time), that has a very slim chance to get legendary… that has a near zero chance to be usefull(myth to leg type).
  7. It adresses the mass players not just the 72 top clan players.
  8. Think of it as a global game… not a niche for some tryhards that refulate their frustrations in it.
    Cheers, bro

a lazy way too play… a game??? and you burn fuel faster cause it runs around randomly. plat easy all the time so you can play longer or BLOW:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 30 tokens for a refill